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The 1998 Forester 

Lake Forest College 
555 North Sheridan Road 
Lake Forest, Illinois 60045 

Table of Contents 


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Student Life 

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Spring Break Trip 

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Fall & Spring Convocations 

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Twister Tournament 

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Colleen O Brien '99, Nicole Riles '98 and Jessica Null '98 pose for a snapshot at an 
Alpha Pi Delta formal. 

Nicole Polarek '98 giving a speech at the Homecoming 

Left: Dave Fee , Jay Biondo, Dave Kim and 
Phil Persoon prepare for the Lake Forest 
Town Parade. 

Molly Donahue and Jim Marker enjoy 
themselves at a formal. 

Lake Forest students had a blast at the Home- 
coming tailgate party on South Campus. 



^ -^stT 


m ^Jm 

; jfl**-"^ jAaa 

Hf' .H 

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IK. ^ 

H ^B 





students At Work 

Deanna Prestinario '00 works cheerfully at the finacial aid office. 

Stacy, an LFC student, works intently in the art department. 

Joe Brysiewicz '01 a bookstore employee is always eager to 
help students. 


The 1997 LFC orientation was very successful. This 
year's theme was "We know our students by name." It 
began with three days of training for the Orientation 
Leaders. After the training the new students began 
arriving at LFC. During this week of Orientation, the 
OL's had some primary responsibiUties including help- 
ing the new students move into their dorms and get- 
ting settled, giving talks to the students about campus 
lifestyles and academic policies and answering any of 
their questions about LFC. However, that was not the 
only thing going on. There was a week of fun activities 
planned for the new students and Orientation Leaders 
including a picinic with faculty and staff, an Orienta- 
tion Leader Lip Sync Contest, and a trip to The Second 
City Comedy Club in downtown Chicago. 

Tracey Yoder '00 is happy to help freshman K|i Amodeo get 
settled at LFC. 

Samantha Morreale '00, Deana Prestinario '00 and Adam Glen '99 enjoy a ! 
lunch break during the new student orientation. 

Heather Akm '99 k)\ es to help in the 1497 oricnlatum 

Orientation Leaders "get down" at the OL's Lip Sync Contest. 

\lt!- ''"'ywv 

A group of new students find their way to Commons for the first time. 

Orientation Coordinator, Jason Neal and Jack Macv, discuss last 
ninute plans for the first dinner of orientation. 

Tracy McCormick '00 enjoying himself at the picinic with faculty and staff on Middle 

Orientation Leaders try to keep smiling as the help the new LFC students move into 
their dorms. 


Homecoming 1997 was a huge success. 
Many organizations such as Student 
Alumni Association, and General Assem- 
bly joined together to create an amazing 
week. Homecoming activities included a 
women's flag football game, a parade 
through the town of Lake Forest and a 
tailgating party on SouthCampus. Also, 
were many athletic events, including the 
excititng football game against Illinois 

Homecoming King Phil Persoon '98 and Homecoming Queen Nicole Polarek enjoy the 
ride during the Lake Forest Homecoming Parade. 


Kappa Sigma joins in on theHomecoming Parade with a "Toast to the Seniors." 

General Assembly took a strong 
second place in this year's 
Homecoming float contest. 


\.v«'' The Gamma Rho Delta girls showed their Forester 
■^^ spirit as they rode in their prize winning float . 
- Gamma Rho Delta defended their title placing first 
in the Homecoming float contest. 

The Forester cheerleaders got the spirit rolling as the cheered down the streets of Lake Forest. 

The Softball team shows their spirit as they 
cheer and ride in the Homecoming Parade. 

Homecoming Tailgating Party 




Game time 

Phil Persoon 98' helps to clean up after the Lake Forest Town 

Corey Honore 
98' pushes 
through Illinois 
College at the 
Football Game. 

Below: The Forester Football Team makes its way to the field for the 
1997 Homecoming Football Game. 

Dave Fee 99' and Pete Sopkovich 01 ' pose for a 
post-game snapshot. 


The girls set it up getting ready to \ like' I lik 

The girls team hudles up with Coach Dave Fee 98' to go over last minute 

isa Roseland 00', Adi Menachem 01', Melissa Glynn 01', and Alayna 
i'atkins take a breather from their big game. 

The girls powderfviff 
team in action. 
Go Girls! 














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v\^''*jr'^j« ^^.r ^ ^ 

t - 

Student Life 


Student Life '^ ^ "- 

^i-i ^ 

r'" i^-^ 

1^ m? 

Student Life 

■OCX H "^iW ^ 


Student Life 

1^ Ji i 

3jn luapnis 

,3 T, 


ajn ;uapnis 


■Wij . fBl/^ * *> »» 


^ i&^s^ 

" . Ill 9jn luapn^s 



S ...i 

««U.J!!' V" 

.^ ? ,-* ^ 

-,: » *• ' 15 

, j' *•■ ^Sj ™,«K~»«^ii^ I 


Jason Holton 01', Erica Duffy 01' and Aja Jefferson 01': The epitome of friendsJiip. 

% Alex Voalitzek 00', Bernie Perconti 00' and J.iko 
K Fisher 01' give a "toast" to the start of second 
K semester. 


Just another night of beer die at Roclcland for the Kappa Sigma boys. 

Sometimes an expression says it all. 

Russ, Diana and Amy enjoy themselves at an all campus party. 

Scott Nodolf 01', Matt Sherburne 01 ' and Adam Na wrocki 01' take time out for 
a snapshot for the Forester. 

. -^^i^^RI 





¥ "^ J 

¥ ' t Hi 
m f9 

r '' ' 


r i 


IV i^Mrml 





Megan Short 98'and Jason Woods 00' enjoy a dance together at an 
Alpha Pi Delta formal. 

Freshmen Carlos Obando and Frosty "drink it up.' 

Friends are always there for you to lean on. 

Roomates Diana McGuire 01', Lisa Conrad 01' and Katie McMullen 
or get together for one more picture before heading off to the Winter 
Ball. J 7 


Sarah Simpson, the Forester mascot (Tara Bucklai\d), Ashely Moats and Amanda 
Taylor show off their spirit. 

^ Diane Kaney cheers along with our trusty mascot at a Forester football game 


A cheerleader gets down with a fan at the Homecoming 
football game. 


General Assembly 

The student government is one o f 
the oldest and most estabUshed or- 
ganizations at Lake Forest College. 
Founded in 1917, its primary func- 
tion has been to voice student con- 
cerns to the administration and fac- 
ulty. This years executive board 
consisted of: President Nicole 
Polarek, Vice-President Molly 
Donahue, Treasurer Craig 
Vandermause, Secretary Lisa 

United Black Association 

The United Black Association (UB A) 
of Lake Forest College is an organi- 
zation whose primary focus is the 
African Americari student, and its 
goals are largely aimed at bring ing 
about an atmosphere on campus in 
which such students can be aca- 
demically motivated, culturally 
stimulated, and morally supported 
by their peers. UBA strives to build 
bridges between African Americans 
and the larger community, while it 
also acts as a forum for discussion, 
and expression open to students, 
staff and faculty of the LFC commu- 


Writing Center 

The writing center staff is dedi- 
cated to helping students with all 
aspects of their written work. 
Whether you need help with a se- 
nior these or a biology lab, this 
group of student tutors will help 
you organize, analyze and produce 
a quality piece work. 

Mailroom Staff 

Mail Services at Lake Forest Col- 
lege is an almost completely stu- 
dent run service. Their job is to 
provide the 1,500 members of the 
campus conimunity, accurate, cost- 
effective receipt and distribution 
of all correspondence. Every year, 
nearly, 1 ,000,000 pieces of mail flow 
in and out of their small room in 
the basement of Commons. 


Peer Educators 

The Peer Educators are a group of 
students committed to providing 
awareness and support to other 
students on campus with problems 
related to drugs and alcohol. Peer 
Educators sponsor campus-wide 
educational acitivities, and they 
also sponsor social activities that 
do not involve alcohol or drugs. 
Students also become aware of 
various campus support groups 
through Peer Educators 

Each year, the campus entertain- 
ment committee is in charge of 
choosing, organizing and present- 
ing comedians, bands, and other 
forms of school entertainment. It 
also co-sponsors many other events, 
such as the Halloween and 
Christmans parties, and RA week- 
end. As a group, the CEC has the 
opportunity to make an impact on 
the LFC community as a whole. 
Jack Macy is the Campus Activites 
Director and CEC's sponser. 

Campus Entertainment 


VJ* J_i«/\«^*^« 

i_-i J. 1. ,-T 

. --I i L W > 

L..„v.,L I 1 1 I 



Founded in 1994 at Lake Forest 
College, the SAA is committed to 
providing and maintaing a link 
between current students and 
alumni. SAA is responsible for the 
nomination of students to the Se- 
nior Gift Commitee. They sponsor 
a wide variety of activities, includ- 
ing several Homecoming events 
and the Internship fair. 

Student Alumni 

Red and Black 

Red and Black is an academic so- 
ciety dedicated to bringing edu- I 
cation outside of the classroom. -- 
Weekly Faculty Forums are held 
which give Professors a chance to 
share a unique interest of theirs 
with students and faculty in an 
inforal setting. Red and Black also 
takes many trips to see plays and 
visit museums. In addition, the 
group indulges on an occaional 
Sunday night ethnic dinner. Ev- 
eryone is invited to join in the 
educational and cultural experi- 
ences tgat Redand Black has to 


Women for Social Change 

This group founded in August of 
1997 promotes academic support 
as well as community service in 
the inner city of Chicago and local 
communities. Statistics show that 
Lake Forest College students of 
color maintained a low grade point 
average throughout the course of 
their academic career. This group 
sought to help correct this prob- 
lem. As a result. Women for Social 
Change volunteer their time at a 
youth center at the Cabrini Green 
housing projects in Chicago, the 
soup kitchen, and are mentors for 
the Measure of our Success pro- 



1 Pro-Med strives to svipport, m- 

5 form and promote the pre-medical 

MK^ MK^ "« students at Lake Forest College. 

Mr^ftk W^m ^' "^ Pre-Med is and assembly of inter- 

ftj-^,^L ^ff dependent students with the com- 

^^^^^^ ^bS^^^ "^^^ ^^^^ °^ entering a medically 

^^^^^^^■^^^^K related career. The society will aid 

^^^^^^^^^i^^^M students in their search for rel- 

^^^^^^^|r " rW^R evant information, resources and 

"^^^^HBk ^L^K direction. It is Pro-Med's goal to 

^^^^KIEk' ^^r\ couple classroom knowledge with 

^^^^Pv'wk^^V experience to create the most com- 

^^^^1 ^H^^H petitive applicant possible. 

mM^I ^ 

International Student Organization 
(ISO) is a group of students from 
all over the world who come to- 
gether to share their cultural diver- 
sity and origins with the rest of the 
campus. ISO sponsors different f 
International festivals throughout 
the year. ISO invites all students 
and faculty to be a part of their 

International Student 

Latinos Unidos 

Latinos Unidos (LU) provides a sup- 
port framework for Hispanic Stu- 
dents at Lake Forest College and 
also the outlying Hispanic commu- 
nity around the Lake Forest area, 
such as the Lake Shore Tutoring Pro- 
gram. On occasion. Latinos Unidos 
travels to various leadership semi- 
nars specifically structured to en- 
courage the Hispanic students in 
further developing his or her lead- 
ership skills. Many of these skills 
taught certainly will help the stu- 
dent toward the betterment of his or 
her life duringf and after college. 

J_i« Jj/*x\.«X • 

LEAP is an organization designed 
to promote environmental aware- 
ness and protection. The highlight 
of their events is Earth Week held 
in April, which unites students in- 
terested in environmental issues. 

College Democrats 

Amesty International 

Japanese Club 

Japaneese Club is a club interested in educating the students, faculty and staff of Lake Forest College about 
Japan and its culture. Their biggest event of the year is the Japanese Festival, which they are able to host many 
different events. Some of these events were: Coffee House Series with an Asian-American Jass Trio, the Campus 
movie, "Shall We Dance," and their successful Japanese Festival. 

This year's Japaese Festival had a Shuji (calligraphy), chopstick contest, Japanese food and treats, origami, 
raffle, Japanese dancer and music performers and other traditional activities. 

The Japanese Club is very excited to see the interest of the Campus in the Japanese Cvilture. They encourage 
everyone to join their club and learn about the Japanese Culture. 


Senior 25 

Senior 25 is a group of honor stu- 
dents who are selected for mem- 
bership by the DOC and DOF in 
their junior year. They are selected 
for their good academic records as 
well as having demonstrated lead- 
ership through particiaption in ex- 
tracurricular activities. 

Residence Staff 

The Residence Staff is a combina- 
tion of Head Residents (HR's) and 
Resident Assistants (RA's). As a 
team, they work together to help 
develop a sense of community in 
each of the residence halls. They act 
as peer counselors, bulling manag- 
ers, programmers and assist in the 
inforcement of college policy. 


Orientation Leaders 

Orientation Leaders are a group 
of students who volunteer their 
time at the end of the summer to 
come back early and help with 
new student orentation. Some of 
the tasks include organizing so- 
cial events to easy the difficulty of 
making new friends, helping the 
new students move in, and offer- 
ing insight and words of wisdom 
for their four years of college at 

Class of 1999 Steering 


Kappa Sigma 

Kappa Sigma is a fraternity founded 
at Lake Forest College in 1983. Its 
primary goal and philosophy is 
based upon academicexcellence 
and a concern with the betterment 
of the college communtiy. Kapppa 
Sigma was originally known as Al- 
pha Chi until 1991 when the frater- 
nity went national. Although they 
prefer being called Kappa Sigma, 
they retain Alpha Chi as their chap- 
ter name. 

Alpha Pi Delta 

Alpha Pi Delta is a sorority which 
serves both a social and philan- 
thropic purpose. The members are 
interested in organizing social 
events for themselves and for the 
communtiy at large. Among the 
various activities in which they par- 
ticipate are fund raising for the 
needy families, the annual MS 
Walk-A-Thon, and volunteering at 
the soup kitchen. 








Ann Roberts 

Steve Sennott 

Ellen Steinberg 


Nadar Nazmi 

Carolyn Tuttle 

Simone Wegge 

Jeffrey Sundberg 



George Shields 

Ken Weik, Anne Houde, Bill Zamer, Ann Maine, 
Karen Kirk 


Jason Cody Brian Frey 


Sandra Fox Shelley Sherman 



Richard Mallette 

Thomas Balazs 

Judy Dozier 

Edward Schaefer 


Clayton Gray 


Lois Barr 

Cynthia Hahn 


Art Zilversmit 

Dan LeMahieu 



Craig Knuckles 

Rob Flemming 

Lowell Carmony 




Don Meyer 


Jennifer O' Brien, Grace Butcher, Naomi Wentworth, Dave Krantz 
Phylis Frankel, Sergio Guglielmi, Robert Classman, Kathryr 





Scott Schappe, Cave Bracewell, Virginia Christ, Bailey Donnally, 
Michael Kash, Tina Silva, Marylin Bell, Tung Jeong 


Charles Miller 

Ghada Talhami 

Paul Orogun 

Rand Smith 



Ron Miller 



1 .ii^lliE^ f vv\iw 

Jennifer Wallace 



Right: Louise 

Mason ht^s ^s. 


Renee Bischoff, Aliza Gilbert, Kris Sundberg, Karen Price, Gene Reuther 
Brian K. Smith, Bill Motzer, Kris Besler, Kay-Kay Webster 


Mark Anderson, Jerry Cebrzynski 



Phylis Frankel, Pat Polh, Jana Kohl, Grace Butcher, Thora Howard, David Cox 




Angela Ackman 


David Spadafora 


Lee Thorapson, Elizabeth Fischer, 

Steve Sennott 





'^L ^ r 


V'^ ^ i 

Cross Country 


k < 

ft i'i 


7 ~t 


1 -i — i_ 


Bottom Row: Beth Liebschutz , Emily Holmes, Michelle Kendnck Middle Row: Shanna Palmer, Carlos Obando, Chuck 
Monaco, Chris Leichliter, Chris Guillan, Rob Holland, Kendra Greene Top Row: Head Coac h Tome Burton, Jess Perrine, 
Daniel Ambruso, Ben Lampe, Mitch King, Assitant Coach ValerieGude 

Head Coach Tom Burton, Shanna Palmer and Emily 
Holmes prepare for their meet. 


Beth Leibschutz '01 is giving it her all. 

(In back) Jess Perrine stretching Shanna Palmer and Emily Holmes stretching Beth 

And they're off! The women start their race. 


Men's Football 

Bottom Row: Ben McMullen, Scott Miller, Loren Leflar, Dave Smith, Jeremy Vanderhider, Nick Piazza, Jeff Kaker, T.J. Hardamat, Brandon Letlar, D, 
Fennell, Makik Holt, JaDonn Harris Second Row: Tony Giglio, Sara Fiocchi, Becki Gamble, MkeDav, Mike Hernon, Chad Eisele, Randy Moore, Jas 
Nagel, Bob Fulbright, Tim Lovell, Stevie Soltz, Sharidee Bliese, Corey Honore Third Row: Brian Kremmel, Rick Fender, TyromeBembry, Mike Hedi 
Brian Bruns, Jamie Linton, Ryan Shoemaker, Conrad Christensen, David Fee, Tim Demery, Chad Carroll, Steve Fisher Fourth Row: Steve Halle, Aar 
Dewlen, Matt Ellefson, Josh Clark, Kake Fisher, Brian Galbreath, Tom Jauch, Chris Gallagher, BerniePerconti, Brent Blavdow, Jerick Jorgensen FithRo 
Jarrett Stark, Josh Schneider, Tom Dranger, Jim Klasen, Jay Biondo, Zac Sharkey, Brian Vermillion, Jonathan Holland, Simon Kotlyar, Josh Whited, P; 
Persoon, Craig DuPont SixthRow: Josh Price, Marcus Collins, Steve Baxter, Eric Markey, Allan Hall, Jeremy Milnes, Tim Orszula, Hunter Piermo 
Tom Whalen, David Lemke, Josh Staley Seventh Row: Russell Hennings, Andy Ohara, BrianWoods, Eric Martin, Jason Woods, Kevan Smith, Pe 
Sopkovich, James Kellames, Mike O'Conner Eight Row: Blake Deavers, Michael Chase, Bob Hansen, Kevin Bixby, Joe Bitto, John Litscher, Dus 
Cassidy, Scott Tyrcha 

Corey Honore'98 darts through the line. 

llback Corey Honore '98 heading to the end 
ne for a Forester touchdown. 

A Forester kickoff. 

Phil Persoon '98 and Kevin Smith '00 put the defensive move on lUinois College. 

Tom Dranger '00 and Bob Hanson '00 celabrate after a big play. 


Jerrick Jorgensen '98 dodges a tackle and heads for the end zone 



Men's Soccer 

Bottom Row: John Bently, Scott Merril, Ryan Bushnell, Jeff Radlin, Steve Leroux, Dave Wiscowski, Dan Dipietro, Mike Skimel, Ryan Daily, Kevin 
Folgeson Middle Row: Coaches Ed Kositski and Marty Mularcyk, Eric Haskell, Matt Kremers, Eric Kendig, Mike Richardson, Zeljko Ivkovic, 
Markus Petterson, Coaches Chris Conger and Steve Ramsdell Top Row: Matt Edwards, Coleg Collins, Matt Spurlin, Mike Munson, Adam 
Nawrocki, Andy Flick, Trey Ablen, Ryan Lampe, Goran Skosples 

Ryan Daily '99 moves the ball up-field. 

Matt Edwards '00 working his way up-field against Knox College. 

Matt Edwards '00 and Ryan Bushnell 00 display their 
satisfaction with the game. 

Women's Soccer 

Bottom Row: Erin Sovick, Beth Kohr, KimSponsel, Tegan Furlong Second Row: Nicole Walter, Amy Freid, Sara Bartz, 
Masimba Rusununguko, Manager Kim Magee, Holly Vetter, Amy Wilkin, Ericka Ratliff, Sara Zagoren Third Row: Head 
Coach T.R. Bell, Trainer Rebecca Brawner, Elisha Bartlett, Erin Nelson, Brandi Monroe, Laura Weinberg, Trainer Becki 
Gamble, Assistant Coach Diane Kanney Top Row: Dawn Smith, Jessica Wiehrdt, Reni Towns, Anameke Vandermeer, 
Sarah Thompson 

Kim Sponsel '01 concentrates as she moves the ball toward 
the goal. 

The women's soccer team huddle up and get hyped for the game. 


Left: Sarah Bartz '00 runs up 
the field to help out her 

Right: Erin Nelson '99 stands 
ready to block the opposing 
team from scoring. 


IP fP f^ ^ '"^y.:- ^^ 

Amy Wilkin '98 focuses intently on the ball even as defender approaches. 

Left: Dawn Smith '98 charges for the ball. 

Right: Amy Freid '99 fights her way to 
steal the ball 

Women's Tennis 

Bottom Row: Daniolla Rosenthal, Melissa King, Valerie Bozich, Kristen Ognzovich, Shelby Surfas Top Row: Coach Pier, 
Shannon Sobieeski, Renee Bojrab, Barbara Mangan, Tarah Raymond, Elizabeth King 

Elizabeth King warming up before a match. 

Melissa King 00' gets ready to serve the ball. 

Renee Bojrab 99' runs to return the ball to licr opponenet. 

Shelby Surfas 01' takes a minute before making a crucial 

Shelby Surfas 01' focuses as she hits a powerful volley. 

Barbara Mangan 98' concentrates as she nails the ball back 
over the net. 


Bottom Row: Erirni Mercrides, Sarah Frantz Second Row: Laura Moulihan, Ashley Moats, Megan Marfise, Jessie Griffen, 
Sarah Simpson, Manager Martino Moore Third Row: Assistant Coach Jack Macy, Michelle Vandigo, Linsey Hall, Head Coach 
Beth Pier, Anna Pannigetti, Kandy Kuenzer Top Row: Mary Gerke, Addi Rumbler, Ayesha Spooner, Amanda Taylor 

The Fabulous Five will be missed. 

Left to Right: Anna Pannigetti, Michelle Vandigo, Erini Mercreides, 

Kandy Kuenzer and Ayesha Spooner 


" ■^ 

^^^F "^ "^ ^^^^^^^^^^1 

r^ ^*4Si 


















K i» 


^2i:i ask. 


^Bi-^_j m 



The team just after defeating Illinois College for the Conference 


Michelle Vandigo 98' is prepared to take care of 
whatever comes her way. 

Ayesha Spooner '98 with a monster Spike! 

,:l£tLSU.:£L ^.^ 

Conference Champs! 

he team poses proudly with their Conference Championship trophy after a hard fought victory 
ver Illinois College. 

Jessie Gritten '00 puts it best, they are #1 

Men's Basketball 

Bottom Row: Ryan Hayes, Scott Nodolf, John Litscher, J.R. Jurecko, Chris Wade, Matt Sherburne, Mike Ansani, Tim Ryerson 
Middle Row: Grant Haughton, Jeff Toler, Lester Deanes, Coach Chris Conger, Becki Gamble, Assistant Coach Scott Rucker, 
Mark Hassan, Thorn Herbeck, Eric Martin Front Row: Malik Holt, Matt Bookter, Jay Leonard, Nick Holle, Joe Wysocki, Josh 
Schneider, CraigVandermause, James DeFrain, Mike Maloney, Jack Coin 

# QX 


Left: Jeff Toler 98' 

concentrates as he: 

breaks away from his 


Ryan Hayes 98' (left) and Thorn Herbeck 98' (right) 
patiently watch to see if the basketball will go in. 

Ryan Hayes 98' says, "I don't think so," with a killer block. 

Chris Wade 98' breaks through the opposing 
team's defense to get the Forester basket. 

Check out that Forester defense. 

Women's Basketball 


Bottom Row: Dawn Smith, Monica Howe, Alison Grubbs, Melissa Schneider, Karla Gribble, Tracy 
Delong, Michele Kramer Middle Row: Lindsay Boorne, Becki Gamble, Assistant Coach Beth Pier, 
Assitant Coach Charle Fern, Head Coach Jackie Slaats, Assistant Coach Sally Booy, Managers Karen 
Siska and Ayesha Spooner, Audrey Rumler Top Row: Jessica Wiehrdt, Angle Hill, Samantha 
Holdridge, Kim Magee, Addi Murphy, Christine Weger 

Junior Varsity 


Bottom Row: Ajua Cystila, Karyn Leniek, Chrissy Dielerson, Lisa Peters, Aine Tyrrell, 
Michelle Murillo Top Row: Melanie Srcher, Manager Karen Sisk, Assistant Coach Beth 
Pier, Manager Ayesha Spooner, Collette Coulombe 


Tracey Delong '98 
stares with 

determination as she 
finds the opening. 


Mehssa Schneider '00 
hustlesdown the court 
as she leaves her 
opponent behind. 

essica Wiehrdt '98 is "in her face" showin g off 
ome of the Lady Forester Defense. 

The team hudles up during a timeout to Hsten as Coach 
Jackie Slaats discusses the next play. 

Dawn Smith '98 goes up for the rebound. 

dison Grubbs '01 finds 
ler shot and puts it up 
3r two. 

Audrey Rumler '98 quickly 
moves the ball down the 
court to set up the Forester 


Men's Hockey 

Bottom Row: Mason Black, Justim Hmvard, t-rankie Uemasi, Derek Domaleski, Ryan Tayki, Sean Freenman, John Marks, Erik Mikan, 
Aaron Vickar Middle Row: Assistant Coach T.R. Bell, Assistant Coach Dave Cromer, Chuck Rinaldo, James Poole, Dan Dimauro Doug 
Fur, Mark Falconi, John Hanke, Head Coach Anthony Fritz Top Row: Sean O'Neil, Mike Sturman, James Austin, Jeremy Freid,Seth Baker, 
Tom Durkin, Bruce Mutch, Chris Gallagher, Alex Vealitzer 

Left: Aaron Vickar '99 cuts down the 
angle and is ready to pounce on any 
puck that comes his way. 

Right: Mark Falconi '00 battling for 
the draw. 

John Marks '99 heads up the ice. 


H 'i 

rankle Demasi '01 gets his hne-mates organized 
efore a draw. 

James Austin 01' stick checks his opponent. 

:" 'p 






James Poole'OO breaking out of the zone. 

Doug Fur '00 taking his opponent out of 
the play. 

Derek Domaleski '99 husthng to get back into 
the play. 


Women's Swimming 


. «»■• 

^m »» 'ii' 



1 !«« » 

• *^?^^ 


• > 



,.. v-^ 


its. *:ift^ 


Bottom Row: Tara Gill, Kara Esicar, Karie Schuenke, Anna Panighetti, Jenny Trongard, Jamie Bigelow, Coach 
Tom Burton Middle Row: Brenna Maloney, Colleen Gallagher, Carolyn Ansoni, Kim Makar, Pollie Ellis, Nikki 
Hall, Diana McGuire Top Row: Coach Valerie Gude, Courtney Poynter, Lark Mills, Kim Bigelow, Karin Johnson, 
Abbey Swartz, Stephanie Strunk 

Men's Swimming 


Bottom Row: Kevin Fogelson (seated) Chris Guillan, trie bmith, Kobert tdgelKseated) Vadim Tashlitsky (seated), 
Assitant Coach Valerie Gude Middle Row: Head Coach Tom Burton, Chris Hummel, Blake Kotiza, Dan Ambruso 
(seated) Top Row: (Right to Left & Down) Steve Williams, Brandon Estes, Ben Lampe, Nick Dawson, Joao Casaes, 
Zack Shepherd, Steve McDonald, Ryan Hayden 

Student diver Jamie Bigelo '99 in action. 

Conference Champs!! 


Kim Makar '98 going for a first in Freestyle. 

The women's swim team performing tineir pre-game cheer to get psyched 
for the meet. 

Courtney Poynter '00 readies for the homestretch in the breaststroke. 

Rvan Havden '00 pushing himseU for first. 


? )?: g 8 ^ i? s a ? 





Bottom Row: Anna Youngerman, Vicki Debartolo, Tanya Lazaro, Kim Pompa, Cari Poznansky Middle Row: 
Manager Lynne Dumas, Tracy Delong, Mary Gerke, Kim Leniek, Becki Gamble, Angle Hanes, Karen Siska, Samantha 
Morreale, Manager Erin Nelson Top Row: Coach Chris Pier, Alisha Boggs, Jessie Griffin, Laura Hoolehan, Sarah 
Menhe, Head Coach Diane Kanney 

Karen Siska '99 pauses to get the call fromher base 
coach before she steps up to the plate. 

Jessie Griffen '00 sets herself to catch the grounder. 



Catcher Tanya Lazaro '97 scans the field. 

ssie Griffen '00 husltUng to safely reach 

Anna Youngerman '98 tries to beat the runner 
gettins; to base 

Kim Pompa '99 waiting for the new pitcher to 
warm up. 



Bottom Row: Megan Buchanan, Tanya Lazaro, Sabrina Zamora, Anna Youngerman Middle Row: Jai Ragoo, Joe Hagen, 
Mark O'Leary, Mary Gerke, Dane Szatkowski, Mike Bargmann, Jeff Weirstein, Bon Miyasaka Top Row: Satra Wasserman, 
Adam Szatkowski, Matt Philips, Coach Mike Dau, Keith Vassal, Mike Munson, Niamh Connelley 

Congratulations National 

For the first time in ten years the mer 
Handball team has won the Nation 
Championship. The Handball team w( 
their championship in San Francisco, C 
at the US Handball Association Nation 
Inter Collegiates Tournament. 

The women's team placed second b 
hind Southwest Missouri State. 
With success of both teams. Lake Foi 
est finished second in the combined tear 
schanipionships with 1323 points behin 
Southwest Missouri State Universit'' 
1410 points. 

A Job Well 

idy Henderson '98 is 
born as he returns the 
11 with a powerful 
lley over the net. 



,*.<. , V t J. ^ 

Matt Doerr '00 returns his 
shot with ease. 

juerin Williams '00 gives it his all as he nails 
he ball back over the net. 

Jeremy Freid '98 stands ready to return 
whatever comes his \vav. 

eagan Kirkland 
runs to get the 
ill before letting it 
luch the ground. 

Raymond Ro '00 
has a look of 
satisfaction after 
scoring on his 



Habitat For 



Service Project 

Spring Break 

The wholeHnbitat crew that helped to build the house. 

The LFC Habitat members are always happy to help. Just ask Lisa Roseland'OO. 




The Habitat builders listen intently ask they are told what should be done next. 


The Habitat Group finished whole house in a week. We're not pulling your leg. 

Barbara Sisson '98 is all about business 

Preston wroking hard as always. 


Sarah Morby '98 is a McGravv Scholar. 

Fall Award Honors 

A snapshot of all the 1997 Fall Award Honors Convocation recipients. 


Sophomore Lisa Roseland receives her award. 

President Spadafora giving the opening bpedeh at he bpuui; llonorb Convocation. 

Spring Honors 

/lolly Donahue '99 is one of the students being honored for an award this spring. 

Emmy Storch '99 receives an award from Jack Macy. 

Student body President, Nicole Polarek '98, smiles with pride as she 
ooks over her award. 

Sam Jones '98 being congratulated by Jack Macy for his hard work and 


Second Annual 



Rebecca Brawner '98 and Audrey Rumler '98 stretching for 
"right hand red." 

Karla Gribblo 1 , Sdrah Simpson 1 , Sarah Frantz '01 , and Tara Buckland '01 getting ready 
to get tangled in the Twister Tournament. 

Tiftani Helberg '98 has successfully rearranged her body. 

Professor ofMusic, Don Meyer, says " ouch" as he searches for his next Jackie Robinson '99 and the DJ's mixing it up at the Twister Tournament, 
hand position. 


The Gamma Phi Omega sisters giving it their all. 

Cindy Zumeta-Mills '99 grins as she falls. 

Twister Tournament Coordinator, Jack Macy, announces who is up for the next 

Professor Shappe ]oms the students in the Tournament. 

an we get any more body parts on the green circles? 



h V 

1 To the Class of 1 998 ^ 

Congratulations and the Best of Luck 

'to all of you! 




1 V'^: 

V !\ 

\.l^^ ■ ^ 

The 1998 Forester Yearbook is dedicated 


to all the Seniors..*. 



V K( , :\ 

r ,:^ 





, -v. .^ 





Your achievements are admired 



H '-v X 

by all of us at Lake Forest College. 



■ ■■ ^i\\ ^i^.>s ■&>.'] .V ;:.\, . 







■■.•,-■ ■■'> 

\ • \ : ^ .■■■>'■, ■ ^^.. :■■•■.',•■ 'wi \ ■•■'■1 • 








Andy Henderson 

,- l^sMSi!' 

^i'^?^ .. « ^ vi^i^ 

V! £ ^ JT 

Thanks to the boys of KS, 
the men's soccer team, and 
everyone else who made the 
past four years memorable. 
Mom, Dad, Tina, thanks for 
your constant support. 1 
wouldn't have gotten here 
without you. 

Eric Kendig 

Thanks Mom and Dad. I couldn't have done it without you. 
Your support has meant so much 
Onlv three more years' 

Cancun, Colorado, Beer die on the roof, PCB 



; ■ The Dudes 
_ ~"^ Captam Cupic, 

I The Nerd. 
Red, Gump, Dell. 
•~"^' the Birdman. 
and me 

think there's a monkey in the room 

To Grandma, Grandpa, and Gi 

Without your love and support. 

I wouldn't have made it. 

I'll pick you up someday ir 

black Saab convertible 

u ludc hjH and k;.Lp It smooth 

Thanks guys, I wouldn't have had it any other way 

To Mom and Dad - Thanks for everything, 

words can't explain how much 
But don't worry, I know 
where you live when 
my food runs out. 

To the Family (Fee, Cass, Booyyy!!) - 

Keep the bloodline straight and swassy. 

To Liz - Only two more, and how many more boyfriends? 

To the Freshman Beerpath Crew of '94 - WHO KNEW!'?! 

Red - 1 confess, I'm from Mirmesota 

Nerd - And you thought noid would last. That's sarcasm, recognize 

Cupic - Don't ever lose the keys to the "locker" 

Stalmack - Go Packers 

. Henderson - Do an impression 

Bird - 1 see a thesaurus in your 

future, bean plant. 

Herb. Bum, Chuck - 1 am forever 

for your support 
NO rubdowns, but evenmally 
1 will return the favors 

To KZ - Keep this campus kicking 
And win some beer die games, 

it's OUR game! Pride-AX 

Hunter Piermont 

To Kate, Sandy, Mom, Dad, and the Bakas: 
Never could I ask for a more supportive and 
loving family ... I love you all. 

To our surrogate grandfathers: 

Thanx for everything. 

True brotherhood knows no age. 

AXof KS 

one thing... 

within the 
you belong: 

We all have 
the same 

To my three parents 
and Evan: 
Thank you for the 
love and support. 

Never has God 
blessed me with 
such a gift. 
You are truly 
an angel. 

Love Steven 

Steven Cupic 

©elta €\)i 

Brian Cleek 

Jason Agostinho 

Neal McMuIlen 
Colman Collins 

Think for yourself, and question authority' 

-Timothy Leary 

Brian Cleek 


That wintery night, the code reds, can't forget that snow; 
Foumier, Thede, and Wolf, thanks for everything!!! 

Na-Na, I wash you all the best 
in the future. I love you lil'sis! 

I'm not the quietest sleeper nor do my manners hit the tee! 
But the one thing I do know is that you mean more than the 
world to me. No one knows the future, but I hope I get to see 
it with you. I LOVE YOU JENNY! 

To ail the boys, we once were many, but now we're few. 
To hell v\ith the rest, let's have another or two! 

To our parents. 
After all that money and all 
those years,we thank you for 
everything and all the stuff 
inbetween!!! THANK-YOU! 

Hey SLOTH, Think before you ac 
You'll never know who's mom is 
around the comer! 

To my Jana-Bear, 
"The man in the glass" is smiling back at me. 
This must mean something is going the right way 
I LOVE YOU now and forever and hope this 
carries for many years to come!!! 

My little brother. 
What more can I say? 
I love you Mark! 


Harlan 202? Cieok iind Auggie. 
More memories than we can handle! 

Keith and Mike, you mean more to me than you'll ever kn ' 

Jason Agostinho 


Neal J. McMullen 

Suzanne, Thanks for always 
being there for me. You are 
a great friend. No matter what 
happens, I won't ever forget you. 

Mom, Dad, Bryan and Kelly, 
Thanks for everything 
you have done for me 
over the years. I Love You! 
Go Bills!!!!! 

"Can't I Uve while I'm young?" -Anastasio 

To my friends: 
I have had great 
times these past 
four years. 
Thank You! 

To my family, your support and 
encouragement has kept me going. 
I won't forget it. I love you all! 

"She's the puzzle piece behind the couch 
that makes the sky complete." -Dando 

Delta Chi, Lake Forest Soccer, 

and everyone inbetween... Ain't Life Grand! 


Chartering Banquet 

April 26. 1997 

"I always entertain great hopes." -Frost 

Colman Collins 

CCass of 1998 

(PoCCie <ECCis 

'Kim Traser 

JVora TrisSy 

SaraH 9dor6y 

Jen (perez 

(Danieta SaSatini 


Jennifer Perez 

Daniela Sabatini 

Nora Frisby 

"The better part of one's life consists of his friendships. 
- Abraham Lincoln 

"A friend is a gift you give yourself " 
Robert Louis Stevenson 

"No love, no friendship, can cross the path of our destinv without leaving some mark on it forever. ' 

"My friends are my estate. 
- Emily Dickinson 

"Lives of great men all remind us 
We can make our lives sublime. 
And departing, leave behind us 
Footprints on the sands of time." 
(Henry W. Longfellow) 

"Thou wert my guide, philosopher, and friend 
(Alexander Pope) 

"On life's vast ocean diversely we sail 
Reason the card, but passion the gale." 
(Alexander Pope) 

"A friend may well be reckoned the masterpiece of nature. 
(Ralph W. Emerson) 

"I am part of all that I have met. 
(Oliver W. Holmes) 

Sarah Morby 



Kim Fraser 

Which way do you shake?* Find out why* My boyfriend..." 

Your stuffed animal's gross* 

Polykronopolis* Duct tape* 

23 too tall* Big Bopper* 

Starship* Rice-a-Roni» Poopy, I know you have two legs* 

Llama and Ace, where's Wayne?" 

Breaking the powersaw* The $250 sink and the J.D. bottle* 

WE'RE Gamma Rho* Balk* 

Croquet* Consumption* 

Does Gregory have an elevator?* 

Let's just turn the couch around* 

lax* T.P. mummy* Ticketron* 

Szabo rats* 70's-'nuff said* 

rPA-thanks for all the memories* 

Borderline '97* I can't turn on a dime, ay?* Fire of '97* Latenight Karaoke* Ling-Lam* 

Bwa Bwa BUON Giorno* That's right!* * Hooligans* I think therefore I am— I think* 

Dancing Queen* Chow the Choda* 

Pollie Ellis 







Nicole Polarek 

Wherever you may be, it is your friends 
who make your world. 


To our many friends 
Thanks for all the precious memories 
that are forever close to our hearts 
We will miss you! 

N and A ^■^'^ 

To our families 
We could never thank you 
enough for all you have done for us 
We love you! 

Anna Youngerman 



Julie Biesboer 

Nicole Riles 

Meredith Leigh Megan Short 

Jessica Null 

Katarina Soderstrom 

Kelly Wyckoff 

Kelly Wyckoff 

to the girls, our families, and friends: 
thank you will never be enough. 

Jessica Null 

"I'd rather laugh with the sinners than 
cry with the saints. The sinners have much 
more fun and only the good die ytxing." 

Meredith A. Leigh 

"Our lives are better left to chance. I could 
have missed the pain but I would have 
had to miss the dance." 

Thank you Alpha Pi Delta and 
the rest of my friends who have 
made my LFC experience (from 
Lois to Gregory 103, with Megum 
& Jules, to Paris, and back again) the 
most wonderful four years thus far. 








i ^ 



Rv '<>r- /^^ 

Ksf ^-""^^HP ^" ^SnKH^^^^^I 


11 'MP, llW 

1 ' ~m.... -^ '^^^liPlll^B 

^^^^F ii 

&\ ^- ■■> J 

1 *^ -TrJg*'' 'bIShh^I 



L -^'^^iE^n^' ''^^Ss^^^^ 



t^^^ '''*'' ^ J^^^^^^^^^^^^^K 




Mom & Dad- 
Thank you for your unconditional 
love and everlasting support. 
All my love, 

To the sisters of Alpha Pi Delta- 
Thank you for the wonderful 
friendships and the incredible 

A farewell is necessary before we can meet again, 
and meeting again after moments or a lifetime 
is certain for those who are friends. 

The two LFC alums: Thank you mom for 
everything. "Did I ever tell you you're my 
hero? I could tly higher than an eagle for you 
are the wind beneath my wings." 

Some people come into our lives, 
leave footprints on our hearts, andi 
we are never, ever the same. 

The best and most beautiful things in 

the world cannot be seen or even touched. 

They must be felt with the heart. 

We met as strangers; we part as friends. 

S. Nicole Riles 


Julie Christine Biesboer 

Remember the mud???? 

Megan watch that fence for the third time and get your head off of the horn! 

Megan, stay away from those 
beer bongs! 

Want some cheese 
with that?? 
Meredith I ate the sub. 

Who's your daddy! 

Juhe, what did you have for 
dinner at Southgate??? 

O.K. English major from hell! 

Hello, is Megum there??? 

See you in the friendly skies. 

Gregory 103 and our sophomore year. 
Those crazy lofts, let's try not to fall off. 
Megan, don't get stuck in the door!! 

hanks to LL Cool J for the great song!! 

Thanx for the seven wonder bras julz! 

How does the cat go?? Where's Eddy? 


Megan C. Short 

Shirin Mobasheri 

Robert. you"re the best brother anyone could ever have 
Thank you for all your support There are not enough words 
to express my love for you Mom. thank you for putting 
up with me 1 wouldn't be here without your help, 1 love 
you. Dad. thank you for supporting me in my decisions. 
1 gained strength and independence through you. 
To my cousins and the rest of my family, its been 
really hard being so fai' away from you all. I've been 
so lucky meeting all these wonderful friends: Ewa you've 
been a motivating force in my life. 1 wouldn't been able 
to make it m Boston witliout you. Mouika, what can 1 say.. ■' 
you're such a wonderful person, we'll achieve our dreams; 
1 know it. Monica and Shinn. my two years at LFC wouldn't 
have meant anything without the two of you; you've both have 
been my inspiration, thank you for your unconditional love and 
support. To My Alpha Pi sisters, ISO fnends, and others who 
have made my life so much fun . . what a diverse group. . . your 
the best Bill. Cnstina. Gabnela, and Danny, you're my second 
family. I've matured and grown so much because of you. Thank 
you for all your love and guidance And finally to my cat Chilh. 
1 miss you your Kat. 

Mom. Amir thanks for your support and love, 
1 couldn't have survived without the two of you, 
you're the best. LV you both Dad and to the 
rest of my family thank you for believang in me; 
1 love you all. Ly, the best roommate, Katarina, 
Monica, Goran, Krazy, Marty, Agnes. Tom. you 
guys give me the best last two years of my life. 
Through all of you 1 have learned the true meaning 
of friendship Thank you for loving me and taking 
care of me. I love each and everyone of you like 
a sister and a brother Kate, you know how 1 feel 
about "R"& "S"n Thanks for being you Tiff. 

Darius wedidit Alissa B and Orla C , you 

guys are awesome! ! Farlow & Malie thanks for 
the summer and a fun year Colleen, Stacy & 
David B. what can 1 say, hummm. shall we 
say. Danny!! Danny K.. you are the most kind, 
patient and carmg man. Tlianfcs for being there 
for all those tmies, loving me the way you did. 

ILVyou yourNiNi ISO. thanks for the 

And thanks to all of my Prof s and mentors who 
never give up on me . and finally a special thanki 
to DDH who has been there for me since the 
beginning and has taught me the true role of 
leadership and what it means to be human. 
Thank You All .. . . Shirin 

Katarina Soderstrom 

Adam Wallach 

Kramer: I Love You til' death! 
Your the most special person 
in my life! Thanks, I do not 
know what I would do 
without you! Hove you!!! 
Remember 28!!! 

lom. Dad, Billy, and Hillary: 
love all you guys! Thanks for helping 
le get through my entire life. I still 
eed a little help (apartment rentC«'!c«') 
hank you! I love you mommy!!!! 




Shoe: My best friend forever! 
Thanks for keeping me safe all 
four years. I will never ever 
forget you. Then again, I wonT 
have to since we will be best 
friends for the rest of our lives! 


The best friend a guy could ask for 

Luv ya Buddy! 

Mom, Dad, and Justin: 
1 can't say anything more than thanks 
for your constant love and support, 
I wouldn't be here without you. 

Amy (Winnie): 

Words cannot express what 

vou mean to me. 

to an extremely beautiful 

person: I Love You. 

Phil and Corey: 

I'll never forget the times we've shared, 

both on and off the field. 

Ryan Shoemaker 

Amy Wilkin 

Reni...D.Q. Run??? 
We Love You!!! 

Ryan, after three years of friendship 
and wondering if there would ever be 
more... my heart is now complete. 
I love you! 

Mom, Dad, and Alisa... 
Thank you for always supporting 
everything I do. 1 would be lost 
without you. I love you! :) 

Thank you all for the memories!!! 
Especially women's soccer, Deerpath, 
and us crazy Ele. Edu. Majors! 
1 am going to miss you all so much! 

are what 


People come into your life 
for a reason, a season, or a lifetime 
When you figure out which it is, 
you know exactly what to do. 

Eric, let's go find our time capsule! 
Swade, have we set a date? 

This is dedicated to all those 
wlKi have stayed as my friends forever, to those 
who may soon leave, and to those who have left. 
You have forever left a print on my heart. 


Pantomine mixtures 
of heaven and earth 
jumbled events 
that have less than no worth 
time in the forest 
to dig under rocks 
or float in the ocean 
asleep in a box 
or sink just below 
all the churning and froth 
and swim to the light source 
or fly like a moth 
so toss away stuff 
you don't need in the end 
but keep what's important 
and know who's your friend 


yl GIANT \Aaa 

To Av_\ 

Laura Weinberg 

Ayesha Spooner 


Gina, Laura, and Bridget: I've been 
blessed with three sisters. ...two by blood 
and one by heart. I love you guys! 

"The best discovery that true friends can mal^e is that 
they can grow separately without growing apart." 

Panna-Beginning to end and everything in the 
middle-you've been a great friend! love ya! 

Make new friends but keep the old, 
one is silver and the other gold." 

Ian- You're my world!! Keep making me proud!! 

lily-l could never have made it this far without 
■ love and support. Thank you for 22 wonderful years!! 
nks for always believing in me and helping me shoot 
he stars. I love you guys!!! 

lenie-Where would I be if it weren't for you? 
ibably Louisiana!) Thanks for being a great mentor 
friend. You've taught me a great deal in the last four 
's and I couldn't have made it without your support. 

Anna, Fred, PB, Bee, Stina, KK, Deerpath Buddies, Nicole, Jessie, 
VB team, "Oh So Bonny," Mel, Beef, Moos, "NPG," Chester, Bushy, 
KH, BP & CP-Thanks for the smiles, tears, hugs, endless talks, 
and wonderful memories. You'll all be in my heart forever!! Much Love!! 
"If I could give you one thing I'd give you the ability to see yourselves 
the way I see you-then you'd know what truly special people you are." 

"Shower the people you love with love, 
show them the way you feel." 

Anna Panighetti 

Tracy DeLong 



thought i knew my mind like the back of my hand 
the gold and the rainbow, but nothing panned out as i planned 
and they say only milk and honey's gonna make your soul satisfied! 
well i better learn how to swim 
cause the crossing is chilly and wide 
twisted guardrail on the highway, broken glass on the cement 
a ghost of someone's tragedy 
how recklessly my time has been spent 
and they say that it's never too late, but you don't get any younger! 
well, i better learn how to starve the emptiness 
and feed the hunger 
up on the watershed, standing at the fork in the road 
you can stand there and agonize 
till your agony's your heaviest load 
you'll never fly as the crow flies, get used to a country mile- 
when your learning to face the path at your pace 
every choice is worth your while 
well there's always retrospect to light a clearer path 
every five years or so i look back on my life 
and i have a good laugh 
you start at the top, go full circle round 
catch a breeze, take a spill- 
but ending up where i started again makes me want to stand still, 
stepping on a crack, breaking up and looking back 
every tree limb overhead just seems to sit and wait 
until every step you take becomes a twist of fate 

Dawn Smith 

Kelli Markham 

When I look into the hiture, 
it's so bright it burns my eyes. 

-Oprah Winfrey 

The clearest way into the Universe 
is through a forest clearing. 

-John Muir 

Melissa L. Robinson 

Emily K. Rendon 

To Margie: 

You started as my cooperating teacher, 

but we ended as great friends. 

Thank you for everything! 

To Mom, Dad, Greg, and Curly: 

As far as families go, I couldn't have gotten any luckier. 

I love you all very much! 

"No-that's my ear!" 












'Your brain has a shell on it!' 

To Mom and Dad: 
Thank you for being such 
wonderful and loving parents. 

I love you both very much. 

u M\ m '^ M 

To Mandy: 

What can I say? 

You're the best sister in the world. 

To the Greece & Turkey Gang: 

Thanks for the great times and memories. 

To the girls: "Y'all ready for this?!" 

Alison L. Hall 

■ I .^> .JL V ^-^a^^TT-^— r:.rTT;-x:^ -^-rrr. 

Rebecca Brawner 

P- We have been friends 
four years, what took you 
so long? Thank you! 

Greece Gang- 1 grew so much during our three months 
together, I would never change it for the world. 
Thank you for all the memories and the friendship that 
will last forever. 

To my family- Thank you for all of your support 
and encouragement,! could have never succeeded 
without you. 

Ayesha- 1 had to add some 
more color to the page. I love 
you like a sister. Follow your 
dreams wherever they may 

Simply The Best 
Becks, Elmo, Darnell 

To the fam - 1 wouldn't be the person 
I am today without your love, support 
and guidance. I love you. 

Follow your heart you 
can never go wrong. 

Life is a journey not a destination. 

To Gamma Phi- It is time to moooove it on out, 
thanks for the memories, the friendship 
and the goodtimes. Always remember that "the 
future belongs to those who believe in the 
beauty of their dreams." Love ya all!! 
Bee and Aud 

Dave - Forever... 
Love, Aud 


A lifetime's not to 
long to live as friends. 
Love, Steve 

Sparky - "You can't see the 
lines can you Russ?" Keep 
the game alive - Ellen 

Audrey Rumler 

Molly Knzyk 

Cupic - Due to a new lead singer, 
the band is not getting back together 

Fee and Rory - 
for the last time. 

I've never had pizza with anyone on your couch 








Mrs. Tina's 

Each friend represents a world in us, a world not possible until they 
arrive, and it's only by meeting that a new world is born 

Some people come into our lives and 
quickly go. Some people move our souls 
to dance. They awaken us to new 
understanding with the passing 
whisper of their wisdom. Some people 
make the sky more beautiful to gaze 
upon. They stay in our lives for a while, 
leave footprints on our hearts, and we 
are never, ever the same. 

Are my eyes as red as yours look? Yes. 

When ever I see your smiling face I have to smile myself because I love you 


Your cat is on my fence 

S#%thead and Lambchop 

I'm going to jump 

off the third floor 
of NoUan 

Thank's for your support Moms, Dads and Sisters. 

Tori Shalberg 

Steven M, McDonald 

Thank you for the great times 
and support. We have so much 
to look forward to. 

Thank you for everything! 

I am very happy 
for you two! 

Mom, Dad, Jenn, & Brian 
I can't thank you enough 
for all of your love and support. 


.,'>.!fc.;l • • f,^ 

r,¥f, PTi/vus'P 



Alexander P. Revzan 

Alyson R. Senatore 

"If Jesus came back, and saw what was going on 
in his name, he'd never stop throwing up." 


"I feel Hke Picasso, who once said that when he 
sees an empty space, he has to fill it." 


"The only absolute knowledge attainable by man 
is that life is meaningless." Tolstoy 
(Caption from Hannah and Her Sisters) 

W'.\'^oi«Ma3Mi.vWk .SI 

's4N 'SS'^ ^ 

Some men never die 
and some men never live 
but we're all alive tonight 

-Charles Bukowski 

Alissa A. Browne 

Mark F. Warzyniak 

Just another day 

Nothing is wild, and 

'Did you get the Canyon 
in the background?" 

Dad, Mom, and Oma - Thank you for everything 
Love, Andrew and Mark 

■" ..^*«r 

n memory of Xante Elsie 

"...the hills are alive..." 
vacuiim sealed 
for freshness 
exp. Jun. 2076 

Andrew J. Warzyniak 


Adam T. Blumenthal 

Je ne sais qui m'a mis au monde, 

ni ce que c'est que le monde, 

ni que moi-meme; je suis dans 

une ignorance terrible de toutes choses. 

-T. S. Eliot 

For Andy Everett 
il migUor fabbro. 




o ^ 
u O 

(0 O 


^3 & 

3 -5 .S ro F 

1^ — o ?2 


...if order really reigned in our society, if the social 
organism were really healthy—in other words, if there 
were in our social relations no crying abuses, if it were 
not established that one man shall die of hunger while 
another gratifies his every whim of luxury, then you 
would find me in the front ranks of the defenders of 
this orderly state. But I flatly decline to help in 
preserving the present so-called "social order." 
--J. K. Van Der Veer 

Now who's bad enough to do all of that? 

Jeremy D. Hartley 

Rebecca Jackson 

icky's (to be determined) child! 

cfl ir, llic niinJ 
Kvfiich crca/cfi llic wcrlj ahciil mb. 

ana Ci>c// /licnali ive rJanJ 

r,uJc hij r^iJc in /lie r^ame meaJow. 

mij cucF, will nc'cr see 

iv/ici/ if, he field htj uciirs. 

Behavioral traits are hereditary, aren't they? 

itfcipr^yL • (t>tss/fi^ 

New Olympic event ~ 
water wrestling 

Becky is the little one! 

Adrienne Ky 

Barbara M. Mangan 

Erini A. Macrides 

Adam Szatkowski 

Rashida Lathan 

Ruth Paul 


Spring Ball 1996 

Spring Ball 1998 

Wedding 1998 

To my father, Edner, 

who taught me that I 

can accomplish anything 

and made me 

believe in myself; 

To my mother, Auxanne, 

who taught me that 

a mistake is not a failure, 

but a learning experience; ^^ ^ ^^ J. 

To my husband, Brian, 

who has taught me 

the meaning of 

unconditional love; 

I thank you. 


1 would like to thank 
my family, friends, 
professors and others 
who have made my years 
at Lake Forest College 
The memories will 
always remain with me 
wherever 1 may go. 

January 10, 1998 

Shuiji Chris Greg 
Ly Eileen Mariko 

Brian Caudle and Auxanne Paul 
January 10, 1998 

Professor Martin's Research Students 
Summer 1998 

Mariko Anno 

Malinda L. Lueck 

Well there's always 
retrospect to light a 
clearer path 
Ever^' five j'ears or so 
1 look back on my life 
And have a good laugh 
-Indigo Girls 

7 ^' 

- ^1 

"How does one become a 
butterfly?" she asked. 

must want to tly so much 
that you are willing to give 
up being a caterpillar." 
-Hope for the flowers 

-* 7 "** 


- ■K »'^ .-^^^ 

. <^-, 



Love and thanks to our 

families who have 



To all our friends at 
Lake Forest, you hiive 

all made everlasting 
imprints on our Hearts 

Orla N. Connaughton 

David Allen 

Dale Miller 

Bram Romero 

Erin K. Gibson 


Kainna Deanne Briscoe 

Renee Walker 

Yo! let's do dis-EW, SH, ZS, CZM, MR, NG, RB 

It has been a challenging four 
years at LFC. I want to thank 
everyone who has contributed 
to my success— grandma, aunts, 
a uncles, cousins, and close friends. 
' You have watched me evolve 
and mature into the person I am 
today. You've made the crooked 
roads straight, the rough roads 
smooth, and the impossible possible. 
1 am eteiTially grateful to have 
each of you in my life. Thanx. 

Melly Mel/Me La La/ 
Melrose /Me-Lo-De/ My dolpltin 
friend— Can you believe it, it's been 
eight years! You understood me 
when nobody else did. And I thank 
you. It's been real. Let's keep this 
thing going until we reach forever. 

Mommy, Daddy, 
Rhonda, Robert (E-Rob) 
I can't thank you enough 
for everything you have 
done for me-the 
encouragement, the 
strength, the "stay focus," 
the frozen food. . . 
Words can't express 
my gratitude and 
appreciation. I hope you 
see that your sacrifices 
have paid off. You mean 
the world to me. 
I love you aU! 

Tiff Dav^'g- 

We've come a long way from L319. You've been 
a true friend (despite the age jokes). It seems like 
yesturday when we were cruizin' in the Stealth. 

(South Side representin'!) 

Ronni— tell Portianem to. . . hook it upppp! 
Compton in da hizzouse! 

Little one, 

I wonder who will fix your belt and tie your shoes when I am not 

there. But, seriously Renee, you are my dearest and closest friend. 

I know it has been rough. 
I didn't always know what 
I wanted or how accomplish 
things. But you guided me 
through it. I am leaving LFC 
with deeper passion for knowledge 
and success. Thanks to my 
advisors, professors, friends and 
family. 1 love each of you and will 
never loose touch. 

Tiffani Helberg 

William D. Vignocchi 

thank you everyone ! 

James A. Thomason 

SP'^* . . ■,:^^«^!i«i."S..3'- 

Chrisopher J. Leichliter 

Daniel Ambruso 

Mom, Pops, Grandma, 
Chris, Tim, & Shadow 
- Thanks for the world! 
Love to my teams and 

Three amigos now on tour. 

We are the strongest men alive! 
- Thanks to forester swimming and cross country. 

Things I'm thankful for ... 

family and friends 
Mom & Dad 

all the rest of you wacky foresters 
no more -60 op 
and Life ! 

Alan Holzkopf 

Kim Makar 

Zachary-Ycmr love has guided me in the past, 
^iven me happiness m the present, and will make my life 
ctmiplete in the future. "^^ ^ ^^'^^^'^ ^^^'^ ^^'"^'^ i^' ^^ is because of you." 


Thanks to our families... "Everybody needs someone 
to remind them ^^'^^'' ^^^Y really are." 









f '>i'% ■ 



\.^ ^1 




k . 

'.?■'■■ ?j^^i 

^' ' - 

. v'...^- .-.^jti^^H 



^ iv^^^g 











"And if you can not already tell, 
I am unable to let things go." 

L.tjt -ui-i -■ -::.l^j7'^^ "j-^Q l^gsl- thing you've ever done for me is to help me take my life less 

seriously. It's only life after all." 

TKB'We wouldn't have made it through four years if it 
weren't for you. Thanks for allowing us to grow! 

'Kimmy and Gallagher 
"You gave of which you had to give. We learned to laugh. We 

learned to live. In my life- whatever it may be 


I'll never forget what 
you gave to me." 


"You have done it without a touch, without a 
word, without a sign. You have done it by 
being yourself . Perhaps 

that is what being a 
friend means, after all." 

Collen Gallagher 

Michael Francis Kowal 

To all my Family and Friends, 
My deepest heart felt ALOHA 
One Love One Heart 

One Destiny 
Rasta on the way 
Babylon step back 

Me ke aloha 'o Hawai'i. 
Hawai'i ... no ka oi. 

Emily.. .a friendship 
treasured! I couldn't 
have made it without you 

Dean & David, it's been a 
JOY.. .love you both. Taking 
care of me wasn't easy! 

Paul. ..we don't want to 
march, we want to run! 

Mom & Dad, I would not 
be who I am today without 
your love and support. Thank 
you for everything. 

Joy Michiko Sakurai 

Leslie Delgado 




J ' S « K » » 2^^ 


Donell - 

^\ to Sisterhood. 
Enough said. 

Corey - to bridges. TJiis 
one ivoii't bum. 

[Phil - to the love 

betiveen fiiends- 
biggest fan 


Deanna - TJie pw-pk- 
to huighter 

Louise - 
to stardom. I'll 

I never say what 
in those bushes 

A ~--l 


/ can only hope that I've given half the joy 
& been the source of half as much laughter 
& inspiration that eveiyone has been for 
me. I ivish you all success in the fiitiux- 
but success only as you define it for yourselves. 

\Mom - You are my eveiything. 
/ love you. 

Shaw - Tlie best leading man in the whole world (watch out, Tom 
Cndse);for teaching me how to live well. a 55year old saint, of — , 
\ course. I am indebted to you for your interminable friendship. My | • • j 
endearing love to you always. To our future in the biz. \,^ 

Toi Perkins 

Mary Klein 

Kristin Beamish 

Patricia L. Jessen 

Stephanie A. Rabin 

Eliza P. Topalski 

Dave, thanks for loving me dungee and all (infinity + 11) -E. 

Heres to Buffy, Sweatpants, Candles at Xmas ... 

Mom, Dad, Katrina, & Chunk- 

I couldn't have made it without you. 
I love you all. - Tab 

hanks for putting up withmy know. 

Love you, E. 

Tabatha M. Endres 

Ami Clevenger 

ThanH You, 
to all of my babies, Vy 

for all the 
I laughter, 

^ smiles! 

^^^^- ^^^ 



Joel Lanoue 

•' ■ ''.fifi i M 

Mary-Audrey Proops 

Mom and Dad-Thanks for sticking by my side 

and picking me up when I fell. 

You will never know how 

much I love and admire you both. 

Spring Break '97 Crew- 

Markus-Thanks for it all! 
Here's to the next chapter! 

Real life confessions, lumina, veranda mn, 
talking parrot, phosphorous... 
It was the best and not to be forgotten! 
Remember-I have the video! 

"I \vouldn't take nothing 
for my journey now 

-Maya Angelou 

To all my friends at LFC-Thanks for making my time here so memorable 

Good Luck! 

Lounge parties, PollyEster's, 
crazy nights at Full Moon... 
Thanks for all of the fun 

Jing- Friendship never 

Mom, Mark, and Rosemary- Thanks! 

"Celebrate we will 
Because life is short 
but sweet for certain." 
-Dave Matthews 

Chris- We've made it through 
these past 4 years; we can make 
it through anything! The best is 
yet to come! 

Melissa Latshaw 

Carl O. Deetz 

Best Friends Forever 

Habitat for Humanity, Spring Break Service Trip M>?7 1997 

Sigma Xi, The Scientific Research Society 

800-243-''.534 or 919-549-4691 
This IS to certify that 

Carl O, Deetz 

Member Number 97285C5001 is an Associate 

Member of the 

Lake Forest College Chapter 


fl Beta Beta Beta Biological Society 

w Carl 0. Deetz 

IS an assoaale of LOfTlbda Phi Chapter 

located at LoRe Forcst College 
10 December 1996 


National Secretary 

There's not a budding boy or girl this day 

But is got up and gone to bring in May; 

A deal of youth, ere this, is come 

Back, and with whitehorn laden home. 

Some have dispatched their cakes and cream 

Before that we have left to dream; 

And some have wept, and wooed, and plighted troth. 

And chose their priest, ere we can cast off sloth. 

Many a green-grown has been given. 

Many a kiss both odd and even. 

Many a glance, too, has been sent 

From out the eye, love's firmament; 

Many a jest told of the keys betraying 

This night, and locks picked; yet we're not a-Maying 

Aulonome Provinr Bozen 
Prov .^utoncfna di BoUano 

Landesmuseum Schlofi Tiro' 
Museo Pfo.'itTciaSe Castel i iroic 


Schlofe Tirol 
siralisiio Castel Tirolo 

Kathleen Meyer 

Thursday Night 

■Wi^ ' \ ^ ^ 

Jim Harker 

You MUST report to the Dean of Student Affairs Office the next business day 

everything I could ever want in a friend, 
I have in you 
I love you, Jim 

To our parents: thanks for 

the love, support, and money. 

We hope to be able to give back 

to you all that you have given us 

We love you always, 

Cliris and jim 


' Mind if I crash here" 

Thank You McCormick's 

Chris Klingenstein 

Puff Daddy 

Always there for me, thai\ks 

Barbara E. Sisson 

Christy S. Gouletasi 

Beth A. Lacy 

To my Grandparents who always believed in me. 
To my Mom who m.ade their beliefs possible, and 
for paving the path in which 1 followed .No one 
PQiiiH ooL- for "3 be*^*^*" '*o!e mode! To mv Closest 
friends AL.and BL. ! couldn't have done it without 
you. To the rest of m.y Family and friends, thanks 
fQr Qiy,»2\/c bein^ there. Kliaiidl Love You, Thanks 
for the ^ast few ^^ears.Good-Bve LFC 

We Will Remember 

oar friGnds.Th© fun 

tiM^Gs God 1f)Q sad 

tik^Gs. T3at Most of 

all ^G vxJill K4155 


about tl^GM 

and everyone 

of th^M- 

To Jerry and Kris thanks 

for all the fun Times. 
To DB, LD, KD, CZ, SD, 

DSJCMH You all stay 
cool and know that you 
have special Places in my Heart. 

Grcmny, I know you are 
watching over me and I did 
it. Thanks for the love Thank 
you F?, LP, KBP, RLF, and MP 

I Love You, Beth A Lacy • 


Khalid Parrett 


Cheryl R. Weinstein 

Mom and Dad, Thanks for all yonr 
love and support. I couldn't of made 
it without you! I love you guys. And Joey, 
thank you for always being there for me! 
- Sweetness 

It's ok Wade, second bn't that bad 

To all my Family- 
I appreciate all your help diese 
past four years. All diat yelling 
must have done some good. 
Thanks for all you've done. 
Hove you all!! And Belly, thanks 
for keeping me out of trouble 
for four years, I love you! 


What if Cheryl finds out! 

What if Cheryl finds out! 

Joseph S. Carhni 


George P. Anagnost 


"The two hardest things to handle in life are failure and success." 

"You are only who you are when (you think) no one is looking." 

"The richness of the human experience would lose something of 
rewarding joy if there were no limitations to overcome." Helen Keller 

You cannot discover new oceans 
unless you have the courage 
to lose sight of the shore. 

[ would like to thank everyone who has 
blessed my life in anyway during my career 
at LFC. Special thanks to my mother for her 
undying love and devotion, my brothers for 
•heir understanding and inseparable bond 
3f friendship, my Gram whose memory will 
always live in my heart, my aunts and 
uncle for their generosity and support, and 
finally to Julie, all those frustrating sessions 
3f proofing my papers finally sunk in, I 
could not have done it without you. 

There are not enough words in the dictionary 
to express my appreciation for all that you 
have done for me and taught me. You will 
always have a place in my life, and more 
importantly in my heart. I wish everyone 
could find a friend Uke you someday. The 
world would be a much happier place then. 
Thank you for everything Carolyn! 

You're the one to lend a hand 
You're the one who understands 
You're the one to comfort me 
Tlie keeper of my heart. 

Craig J. Cotterell 

^ r 

Michelle L. Vandigo 

^ ^Australia • New Zealand 1^ ^K5iJ^'?o;^t 

Bt4«K ^6 ftAftlHI 

"All my life I had been looking for something, and everywhere I turned, someone tried to tell me what it was. I 

accepted their answers too, though they were often in contradiction and even self-contradictory - 1 was naive. I 

was looking for myself and asking everyone except myself questions which I, and only I, could answer. It 

took me a long time and much painful boomeranging of my expectations to achieve a realization everybody else 

appears to have been bom with: That I am nobody but myself. But first I had to discover that I am an invisible 


— "The Invisible Man" by Ralph Ellison 


Kandyce A. Kuenzer i 


Annick F. Maenhout 

To the moms, dads, brothers, sister, pets, and bears: None of this 

I J-l '-IT-* 1^ 



l_>^)LliG ilSvC DCCii ClOl l>_ VULllVJUL yWUl >.>_/l lOLClHL JCtJpp'V^l L. IIIUIIJXO JLWi 

evcrvthjng! To all of our friends at LFC and beyond: Thanks for all 
the memories! We love you all! 

The wind had dropped, and the 
snow, tired of rushing round in 
circles trying to catch itself up, now 
fluttered gently down until it found 
a place on which to rest, and 
sometimes the place was Pooh's 
nose and sometimes it wasn't, and in 
a little while Piglet was wearing a 
white muffler round his neck and 
feeling more snowy behind the ears 
than he had ever felt before. 

TJie House at Pooh Corner 


Some people come into our lives and quietly go. 
Others stay for awhile and leave footprints on 
our hearts and we are never the same. 
I love you. Mom! 

Faeth A. Rasmussen 

Jessica C. Wiehrdt 

I HEART You Guys!!!! Thanks 

for the Support and the Memories :) 

Education is not Preparation 
for Life; Education is Life Itself 

I dedicate my four years and SAS 
to my mother, all in memory of 
my father (7-5-49 — 7-9-94) 

Paige D. Sydlow 

(From left to right) 

The world would be a better place if 

everyone would |ust listen to me. 

Eating at Zebo everyday you would 

look like this too. 

My niece. Achanti. found me at 

the Million Woman March 
4) My Legacy. ..My World. ..My Ah'meer 

Graduation is only the beginning. 

haven't accomplished anything yet. 

My father has succeeded. 

Because of his inspirational strength, dedication 

and patience, I am equipped for success. 

I am fortunate to be his son. 

I want to thank everyone who has contributed 

in making me who I am, especially my "parents." 

To all my brothaz and sistaz 

Stay focused...Stay real...and please Stay up. Hotepi 

Thanks to all the people, past and 

present who have made my 

coUege experience so special. 

This experience has allowed me 

to grow in ways that I do not yet 

fuUy understand. You all have 

taught me a lot about life and 


I truly appreciate everybody for 

the inspiration, challenge, and 

friendship that you'll have given 




3ieowi 'm^ Jazz, " no j(^m u vo j(jm ycc 


{/lou kaue brought u,6 do muck loue, kappineii, and wonderful 
memoriei we U alwaui ckeriik. Ljod kai trulu bleiied ui' 

Lyou ue alreadu traveled afar, and uou re dtill off to maru^ more 
great piacei! lAJe re 60 excited for uou and we re io ueri^ proud of i^ou. 

COflQi^JZimJ'DJOYiS a 

cd. yj Uc^, <Jjaa, rr/om, and J\ imoerlu 


-_-_-..,. ■— - 



We're very proud of you. We love you! 


Mom, Dad and Oma 



if-V)^-iSA?V ^ t '*. 

> ^ 



■ \ \ 

'Dearest Umi 

.MUiiliAauu^ ^ 

♦ ^ , • ^ 

V / ,: 

. t*|s V; 





5i«^^ j/ou loere very tiny, the 'Wizard of Oz" was tHe story 
that captured your attention every chance you couCdget. 

And as you foCCoiued your path 

%*-^^ [il^e the Scarecrow, you found your Srain, 
CiJ(e the Tin ^an, you found your heart, 
[id^ the Lion, you found your courage, 
and Ci^ 'Dorothy 

TO iri^'D 'yo'u^ !H'E^'H^s 'D'esi'R^. 

9\(ever forget that your famiiy Coves you, and wU^C always be 
your biggest fans. S^nd we wish that the aCCthe dreams you 
dare to dream realCy do come tnu. 

co'H(^'R^'TULi\'no'Hs 091 'jvuii gfi^'D'UR'rio^o 

O^dOMand 'BILL 


Stephen Keno Vignocchi '93 

William Daniel Vignocchi '98 

I am so very proud of yon! 

With love from Dr. Bunny (A.K.A. ''Mom'') 

Tiffany Shahde Gaji 

Congratulations Tiff! 

Best Wishes from all of us. We're 
very proud of you! 

Love , 

Mari & Muffin Ric & Barb 

"Gee" Candy, Bryan 

Korky, Crystal, & Binky Lamont & Scotty 

Harvey, Sollie, & Samson Shaneen & Sharleen 

In Memoriam: 


"Ma" & Daddy 



Congratulations Alissa 

f / 


Keep thou thy dreams — tlie tissue of all wings 
Is woven first of them; from dreams are 

The precious and imperisiiable things, 

Whose loveliness lives on, and does not fade. 


From your loving family 


Dad, Shari, Renee, & Andie 

We're proud of you. Congratulations! 

Uncle Jerry, Aunt Debbie 
Jess & Nick 

Congratulations Grandson 
Grandpa Cleek and Betty 

I caving home 
adventure and roam. 

Fratemit>' buddies 
four years of studies. 

Visiting liars 
reacliing for stars. 

Notiiing is free 
youVe earned your degree. 

Adventure and roam 
there's no place lilce lionie. 

- I4JVC, Aunt Sandy 
and Uncle Tony 




The more faith you have, 
The more you believe. 
The more goals you set, 
The more you 'II achieve. 

So reach for the stars. 
Pick a mountain to climb, 
Dare to think big. 
But give yourself time. 

Remember no matter 
How futile things seem. 
With faith, there is no 
Impossible Dream! 

Alice Joyce Dm'idson 

We are very proud of you. 

Love Gran, Gran Pa, Ian, Earnest, Dad & 

' I . . ^ \ » 


^■■.•-' y 

- 2 


Mom, Dad, Allie, & Jess 


Do not follow where the path may lead 

Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail! 


Mom, Dad and Tiffany 

v_ n. r* 1 s 1 

be a real 

a child of seven, your hero was Superman and your favorite 
said Superman across the front. Congratulations as you 

College. We believe you have grown up to 

rom Lake Fores 

"Super" Man and we are ver^' proud of 


We think LFC 

has prepared you to pass one last test. "We love you 

Mom and Dad 

"A professor in Chicago is reported to have given the following 
test to his pupils. He told them they were not really educated 
unless they could say Yes to all these questions: 

Has your education gi\"en you sympathy with all good causes and made 

you espouse them? 

Has it made you public-spirited? 

Has It made you a brother to the weak? 

Have you learned how to make friends and to keep them? 

Do you know what it is to be a friend yourself? 

Can you look an honest man or a pure w-oman straight in the eye? 

Do you see anything to love in a little child? 

Vvill a lonely dog follow you down the street? 

Can you be high-minded and happy in the meaner drudgeries of life? 

Do you think washing dishes and hoeing corn just as compatible with 

high thinking as piano playing or golf? 

Are you good for anything to yourself? Can you be happy alone? 

Can you look out on the world and see anything but dollars and 

cents ? 

Can you look into a mud puddle by the wayside and see anything in 

the puddle but mud? 

Can you look into the sky at night and see beyond the stars? 


"ou look into the sky at night and see beyond the 
"our soul claim relationship with the Creator? 

--from Leaves of Cold 

















Toi was born into this world 

As a loving gift from God 

Sent to give gifts of love and kindness 

In a space and time of unity 

Fortified with faith, charity, and hope 

Toi has given us reasons for celebration 
For she is the beacon of light that shines 
From all of the people who came before her 
In strength, in prayer, and in love 
God has blessed us all with her many gifts 

Congratulations, Toi, 

from all of your family and friends, especiallly...MOM:-) 


You made us parents in the month of May 

And regret it, we never did. 

Legos, Big Wheels, and Transformers you loved, 

Such a bright and creative kid. 

The football, videos, parties and friends 

Oh, those teen years were so much fun! 

Lake Forest beckoned and you answered the call 

From your goals you did not run. 

What lies ahead, no one can say 

We know not what's in God's plan. 

You've proven yourself and we are so proud. 

We love you. Son. You're a special man! 


Dad & Mom 

Congratulations, Renee Erin Walker 

You have accomplished so many things, seemingly effortlessly. 

through your determination and faith in yourself We are, as we 

have always been, so proud of you. 

With Love & Pride. 

Mom, Dad, Rhonda, & Erik 

'Dear XeCCy, 

yVe are so proud of you. 
Our wisfi for you is that your 
Cife wiCC Be everything you want 
it to Be. IVe Cove you very mucfi. 
Mom and Dad 


May you always be 
looking ahead with a 
smile and a dream. 
Love, Mom and Dad 









Ryan Hayes 


Lake Forest Colleye Graduate 



Mom, Dad, and your brothers, 

Sean, Quin, and Colin 









fyou have anything really valuable to 
Contribute to the world it will come 
hrough the expression of your own 
personality, that single spark of divinity 
hat sets you off and makes you 
lifferent from every other living creature. 
- Bruce Barton 




Dearest Daniela, 

May your future be bright and happy! 

You are beautiful and caring, we are 

proud of you and love you. 


Nicolina, D.J., & Jonathan 





W-^^ ^.*i^ r-^-ruJ^ 

Your sunny disposition, straight-forward 
approach to things and determination will 
be keys to continued success in the future. 
We are so proud of you! Best of Luck always! 
Mom, Dad, Chris and Tim 


You made it! Congratulations! 

We wisin you all the best in life. 

We're so proud of you. 
God Bless you. 
Love, Mom, Dad 
Cindy and Stefanie 

We are all proud of you. You did a great job! 

With love. 
Mom, Dad. Jessica and Julie 

P.S. Mom, I think you're the best. 

Love, Alexia 

Congratulations Shirin, 

We are so proud of you, and grateful to have you 

as a daughter. May you use many talents and 

gifts the Lord has given you for achieving your 

dreams. Our love and support and prayers are 

with you now and forever. 


Mom, Dad, & Amir 

Congratulations, ANDREW! 

'Believe it, and you will achieve it." (R Schuller) 
With love--Mom, Pop, Janelle, Dave 




A 15-day school strike in Ontario, 
Canada, affects 2.1 million 
students. Late in October, 
128,000 teachers walk out to 
protest a controversial bill that 
would alter educational funding 
and centralize government 
control of education. 


■; Governments and businesses 
worldwide race to remedy the 
"Year 2000" problem. Unless 
key computer systems are 
reprogrammed to recognize dates 
in the new centuiy the world faces 
the threat of catastrophic failure 
in critical areas like banking, air 
safety, public utilities and defense. 

^;: The remains ol Ernesto "Che" 
Guevara, martyred Marxist 
revolutionary, are laid to rest in 
Cuba in October, 30 years after 
his execution in Bolivia, where his 
bones recently had been found. 

Agence France-Presse 

Asian economic turmoil triggers 
global unrest, in October, Hong 
Kong's stock market crashes. Asian 
countries receive billions in bailout 
dollars from the International 
Monetary Fund. 

0^, Hong Kong reverts to China at 12:01 a.m., July 1, 
after 156 years of British colonial rule, China says 
Hong Kong will continue its Western way of life 
and free-market economy. 

Reuters/Archive Pholi 

':^- Montserrat, once called 
"the Emerald isle of the 
Caribbean," is devastated 
by ongoing eruptions 
from a volcano that had 
been dormant for 400 
years. TWo-thirds of the 
populace evacuates. 

Powerful earthquakes in central 
Italy kill 1 1 people and damage 
art treasures, including centuries-old 
frescoes by Italian Renaissance 
painters, in the Basilica of St. Francis 

Savino, Sipa 












After 32 years of autocratic rule. 
President Mobutu Sese Seko of Zaire 
is deposed in May 1997 and later dies 
in exile. His successor, Laurent 
Kabila, changes Zaire's name to 
Democratic Republic of the Congo. 

Change sweeps Great Britain as 
Labor Party leader Tony Blair's 
landslide election in May 1997 
ousts the Conservatives and makes 
Blair, at 44, Britain's youngest 
prime minister in 185 years. 

Huiricane Pauline slams into 
Mexico's Pacific coast in October, 
causing flash floods, landslides 
and at least 200 fatalities. 
The resort cHy of Acapuico is 
heavily damaged. 

Halloween fever seizes France. 
At the base of the Eiffel Tower 
in Paris 8,000 pumpkins are 
displayed, and French children 
participate in an American-style 
Halloween celebration. 


I President Jiang Zemin of China meets for summit talifs with 
President Bill Clinton in October, the first visit in 12 years of 
a Chinese leader to the U.S. During his stay, demonstrators 
protest China's treatment of Tibet. 

Diana, Princess of Wales, one of 
the world's most famous and 
admired women, dies at 36 in a 
violent car crash in Paris on 
August 31. 

One of the most poignant images of Diana's funeral: her young sons 
following her coffin into Westminster ^bey. 

ler.H/Archive Pholos 

Crisis flares again in Iraq in 
late 1997 as Saddam Hussein 
protests U.N. sanctions 
and blocks inspection of 
suspected Iraqi weapon sites. 


misnianagenient in North Korea 
create a severe famine. As many 
as a million Noith Koreans die 
of starvation. 

Pope John Paul H visits Communist 
Cuba in Januaiy 1998, the first 
time a pope has done so. During 
his five^ visit the pope 
celebrates pubfic masses and 
meets privately with President 
Fidel Castro. 

X., In June, shortly before Diana's death, an auction 
of 79 of her evening gowns raises $3.26 million 
for AIDS and cancer charities. Top price paid for 
a single gown: $222,500. 


Brooks Kraft, Synma 

I On July 23 suspected murderer 
Andrew Cunanan, 27, commits suicide 
in Miami Beach. Cunanan was the 
prime suspect in a cross-country kilHng 
spree that left five dead, including 
fashion designer Gianni Versace. 

In April 1997, floods ravage the entire Red River 
Valley between Minnesota and the Dakotas. 
Ninety percent of downtown Grand Forks, North 
Dakota, is under water. 

Once-mighty Apple Computer is 
close to failure when arch-rival 
Bill Gates of Microsoft "rescues" 
it with a $f50 million bail-out in 
August. The event opens a new 
era of cooperation between 
formerly fierce competitors. 

I Americans join 
"Stop the Violence" 
campaigns nationwide 
in an attempt to generate 
awareness of and solutions 
to the problem of violence 
in America. 

Jonath.iii FItlprrield. Gamma/Liaison 

Joe Camel is snuffed out as the 
Federal TYade Commission bans 
tobacco advertising aimed at minors 
and institutes sweeping tobacco 
advertising restrictions. 

British nanin' Louise Woodward, 19, 
is convicted in Massachusetts of 
murdering a child in her care. 
The judge later reduces the charge 
to involuntaiy manslaughter and 
releases her. 

Timothy McVeigh is convicted of 
murder and conspiracy in June for 
the April 1995 bombing of the Alfred 
R Murrah Federal Building in 
Oklahoma Citj-. McVeigh is later 
sentenced to death. 

Theodore Kaczynski admits he is 
t the Unabomber responsible for 
f Idlling 3 people and injuring 29 
others in an 18-year bombing 
campaen. His Januaiy 1998 guilty 
plea spares Kac^nski the death 
penally but condemns him to 
life in prison with no possibHi^ 
of release. 

UPS wwriiers take to the picket 
lines in an August strike lasting 
15 days. The eventual settlement 
is seen as a major labor vKtoiy. 


First Lt. Kelly Flinn accepts a general 
discharge from the Air Force, avoiding 
court-martial for l)ing about an affair 
and disobeying orders. Flinn had been 
the first and only female B-52 pilot in 
the service. 


Arthur Harvey, The Miami Herald 

A rare urban tornado prowls 
through Miami on May 12, 
uprooting trees, shattering 
windows and snapping 
power lines. Fortunately, 
the storm inflicts only 
minor injuries. 

Attorney General Janet Reno refuses to name an independent 
prosecutor to investigate Clinton administration fundraising, causing 
friction with FBI Director Louis Freeh. 

Terr)' Nichols is found guilty of 
conspiracy and manslaughter in 
the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing. 
Nichols is spared a federal death 
sentence in January 1998, but still 
faces Oklahoma state charges. 

UFO enthusiasts 
gather in Roswell, 
New Mexico, to 
celebrate the 50th 
anniversary of the 
alleged UFO crash 
there in July 1947. 


Fast-food giant Burger King is forced to stop serving burgers 
when supplier Hudson Foods recalls 25 million pounds of 
hamburger suspected of contamination with £ coli bacteria. 
It is the biggest beef recall in U.S. history. 

Hie all-male Promise Keepers 
movement inspires praise and 
controversy for its message of 
spiritual revival and personal 
responsibility for men. In October, 
the group holds a giant rally in 
Washington, D.C. 

Once-secret tape recordings of 
former presidents Kennedy and 
Nixon are released publicly. The 
tapes provide an unvarnished, and 
sometimes unflatlering, glimpse 
into the two presidents' actions and 
conversations in the White House. 

Bobbi McCaughey, Carlisle, Iowa, 
gives birth November 19 to seven 
babies, the U.S.'s first living 
septuplets. McCaughey and 
her husband Kenny now have 
eight children. 

Reulers/Archive Photos 

At the Internet/Online Summit 
in December, Vice President 
Al Gore announces government 
initiatives to protect young Internet 
users from online pornography 

I On October 25, at least 300,000 
African-American women gather in 
Philadelphia for the Million Woman 
March. Winnie Madikizela-Mandela 
is one of the speakers.! 


Viewers worldwide see the first-ever 
higii-resoiution color pictures of 
Mars when the Pathfinder spacecraft 
lands July 4. The lander and its rover, 
Sojourner, collect and transmit 
extraordinary data for three months. 

Russia's aging Mr space station 
collides with an unmanned supply 
vehicle in June and is seriously 
damaged. This is only one in a 
series of crises casting doubt on 
the viability of the station. 

For $8 36 million, Chicago's Field Museum of Natural 
History buys "Sue," the most complete Tyrannosaums 
ie\ fossil yet discovered. The sale occurs October 4 
at Sotheby's in New York. 

I In September, CAT scans 
of petrified dinosaur eggs 
found in China reveal a 
dinosaur embryo. 

lers/Afchive Photos 

Scottish scientists in February 1997 
announce the world's first cloning of 
an adult mammal. The sheep, named 
Dolly, fuels controversy over possible 
misuse of the technology. 


Reulers/Archh'e Pholos 

I Research produces medical break- 
throughs, including a genetically 
engineered "bullet" molecule being 
tested to fight cancer and new 
drugs to control or prevent 
Parkinson's disease, osteoporosis 
and congestive heart failure. 

The popular diet regimen fen-phen is 
pulled off the market in September 
The combination of fenfluramine and 
phentermine is shown to cause heart 
valve disorders, as is the diet drug 
Redux, also recalled. 

Fuel cells that convert a fuel's 
energy directly into electricify are 
being developed for use in cars, 
making possible an efficient, 
knv-emission car of the future. 

The first prescription pill for 
male-pattem baldness is 
approved by the Food and Drag 
Administration in December. 
The drag Propecia is made by 
Mercl< and Company. 

Aided by the Hubble Space 
Telescope, astronomers discover the 
Pistol Star — the brightest star yet 
observed in the Milky Way The Pistol 
Star is 25,000 light years from Earth. 


Comet Hale-Bopp 
captures imaginations 
worldwide as it streai(s past 
Eartti for the first time in 
4,200 years— or, since 2203 
B.C. Hale-Bopp next returns 
in 4397. 

On October 13, the British jet car TAnii^JSC becomes the first vehicle 

to break the sound barrier on land, traveling 766.6 miles per hour in the 1 1 

Nevada desert. 

El Niiio stirs up global weather 
patterns. Caused by warmer-than- 
normal water temperatures in the 
equatorial Pacific, the '97 El Nifio 
is blamed for storms and weather 
problems worldwide. 

In December, 159 nations 
gather in Kyoto, Japan, and 
negotiate a climate treaty 
to combat global warming by 
reducing greenhouse gases. 

FilVE N 

The Food and Drug 
approves a dental laser 
for treating cavities. 
Unlike traditional 
dental drills, the laser 
in most cases causes 
virtually no discomfort. 

Protesters unsuccessfully attempt 

to prevent the October launch of 

NASA's Cassini spacecraft to 

Saturn, fearing an accident could 

shower the Earth with the rocket's 

radioactive plutonium. 



> Riven, the 
computer adventure 
game sequel to Myst, 
proves to be just as 
popular and even 
more sophisticated 
visually than its 

December order the slaughter of 
more than a million chickens in an 
effort to halt the spread of a bird 
flu vims that lulled she people. 

The space shuttle Co/ifittAu 
releases the eirant Spartan 
satellite in November. U.S. 
astronaut Winston Scott and 
Takao Doi, the first Japanese 
astronaut to do a space walk, 
refaieve the satellite for retaim 
to Earth. 

French oceanographer and 
award-winning filmmaker Jacques 
Cousteau dies in June at 87. His work 
gained renown through the popular 
television series 
"The Undersea World 
of Jacques Cousteau." 


Teen People, a savvy monthly magazine 
for and about teenagers, premieres in 
February 1998. 

Fashion advertising and clothing trends inspire the 
popularity of the color orange, which replaces neon 
green as the fad color of the year. 


In October, a cyberfashion show at the M.l.T Media Lab Wearable 
Symposium features fashions with built-in computer devices and 
electronic hardware. M.l.T. students designed the high-tech fashions. 

Princess Diana tribute merchandise 
abounds, including a double CD 
set and a new Beanie Baby named 
Princess, a royal purple bear 
adorned with a rose. Profits 
benefit the Diana, Princess of Wales 
Memorial Fund. 


Fashion looks to the Far East. The 
stick-on bindi, a tiny decorative 
accent worn in the middle of the 
forehead, is popularized by Gwen 
Stefani, lead singer of the band 
No Doubt. 

This year's look in 
cosmetics is glimmering, 
sparkling and colorful. 
Riding this wave, 
cosmetics giant Christian 
Dior introduces Mascara 
Flash, temporary hair 
color in a variety of 
outrageous tints. 

Platform shoes, a fashion statement 
during the disco 70s, make a style 
comeback in a big way in 1997, 
inspiring even platform sneakers. 

Nike introduces a new "I Can" 
advertising campa^ on New 
Year's Day. The company does not 
plan to abandon its "Just Do It" 
slogan, introduced in 1985, which 
will continue to appear on T-shirts 
and posters. 

Diet Scent Patches are introduced 
in June by Slimline, a British 
company. Designed to help people 
diet successhilly, the small arm 
stickers produce an unpleasant 
odor t» discourage the wearer 
from eating sweets. 

"TVo Fat Ladies" becomes the Food 
Network's hottest new cooking show 
in the U.S., attracting fans with its 
unconventional British stars, two 
overweight, middle-aged women. 


The Chevrolet Corvette 
is named Motor Trend 
magazine's 1998 Car of 
the Year. 

General Motors 



^— — ^- 'P "™ 



K. " 






Softer Hairstyle - 

s^ ^i^v 

Smaller Chest 

Larger Waist 
Smaller Hips — 

A new $50 bill featuring a larger, off-center portrait of President Ulysses S. Grant is 
unveiled in October. Design details make the bill more difficult to forge. 

After nearly 40 years, 
Mattel's Barbie doll 
takes on a more realistic 
face and body shape 
than the Barbie of the 
'60s. The new doll will 
begin to appear in 
stores in early 1998. 

Popular board games 
appear on CD-ROM in 
ever-growing numbers 
including interactive 
favorites Monopoly, 
Scrabble, Sorry, Risk 
and Boggle. 

: As many as 700 school i 
nationwide teacli "emotional 
intell^ience," aiming to develop 
children's values and people skills 
as well as their minds. 

Beepers are a status symbol and a 
IHeslyie must-have for many teens 
juggling school, jobs and 
after-school activities. More than 
40 million beepers are canied 
in the U.S., an estimated 25 
percent of them I9 people behween 
ttte ages of 12 and 24. In some 
schools, beepers are foitidden 

Canada issues a Superhero postage 
stamp series that includes a 45-cent 
stamp featuring the colorful, 
comic-book image of Superman. 

^ ; ABC's gritty police drama "NYPD Blue" remains one of the most 
popular one-hour dramas on television in 1997, capturing four 
Emmy Awards. 

Spielberg's yi/rasj/c Park sequel, 
breaks summer box-office 
records everywhere. It earns 
$229 million in the U.S. 

.M) Comedian Chris Farley dies at 33 of a drug overdose 
~' on December 18. He starred in NBC's "Saturday 
Night Live" and movies including Tommy Boy and 
Beverly Hills Ninja. :i^^ 

Columbia/Mandalay Trom the Kobal Collection 

Universal Studios, Inc., from Sliooting Star 

^ Jerry Seinfeld, creator 
and star of the NBC hit 
"Seinfeld," announces 
in December that the 1997- 
1998 season is the show's 
last. The final episode airs 
in May, ending the popular 
show's nine-year run. 

f isk 

Horror films draw teenagers to the 
box office. I Know What You Did Last 
Summer, starring Jennifer Love Hewitt 
and Sarah Michelle Cellar, is one of 
the year's biggest attractions. 


Gino Mifsud, Shooting Star 

glij. Fox network launches "King of 
the Hill," an animated show that 
focuses on the lives of a propane 
dealer from Texas and his family 
The show goes on to become a 
smash hit. 

Scream 2, the chilling hit sequel to 
Scream, is a wildly successful mix 
of carnage and comedy starring 
Neve Campbell, Jerry O'Connell, 
Tori Spelling, Jada Pinkett and a host 
of other stars. 

In its second season, the WB^ 
campy sitcom "Buffy the Vampire 
Slayer" blossoms into a huge 
iiavorite «riih many viewers. 

Jenny McCarthy stars in a new 
fall NBC comedy "Jenny" that, 
in January 1998, goes into hiatus 
only a few months into its first 
season. McCarthy had been an 
MIV personality before moving to 

Critically acclaimed /Im/rfflrf, 
directed by Steven Spielberg, tells 
the story of an 1839 slave ship mutiny 
The film culminates years of effort by 
producer Debbie Allen to bring the 
story to life. 

CBS EiiterEainment from 

, Religion is a common theme 
on eiglit fall-season networlf 
TV shows inspired by the 
success of CBS's "Touched 
by an Angel" starring Roma 
Downey, Delia Reese and 
John Dye. New programs 
include ABC's "Nothing 
Sacred" and "Teen Angel." 

, Titanic is a huge critical and box-office success. The movie event of the 
year, this $200 million picture is the most costly in history. After 45 days 
in the theaters, Titanic had earned $308 million. 

Star Wars captures a new generation of fans when 
George Lucas re-releases the film trilogy 20 years 
after the first film was shown. In Washington, D.C., 
the National Air and Space Museum mounts a huge 
exhibition of now-historic Star Wars artifacts. 

Michael Flatley's pulsating 
show "Lord of the Dance" 
fuels the extraordinary 
popularity of Irish dance. 
The show tours 15 cities in 
the U.S. through October. 

In the fall, Fox debuts 
"Ally McBeal," a 
comedy/drama starring 
Calista Flockhart as a 
young Boston attorney 
The show captures a 
Golden Globe Award 
in January 1998 for best 
series/musical or comedy. 

Matt Damon stars as an attorney 
in Tlie Rainmaker, a movie based 
on the John Grisham novel. 
Damon's successes also include 
the film Good Will Hunting. 

©Fox from Shooting Star 


Summer blockbuster 
Men in Blacli grosses 
more than $500 million 
worldwide to become 
1997's biggest hit. 
The sci-fi comedy stars 
Will Smith and Tommy 
Lee Jones. 

The Woaderiul Worid of Disney 
presents its adaptation of 
"Rodgers & Hanmierstein's 
Cinderella" on ABC, staning 
Brandy as Cinderella and Whitney 
Houston as the Faiiy Godmother. 

Tomomm Ne¥er Dies , stalling 
Pierce Brosnan as 007, is a 
holiday box-office hit and 
conf inns the endurii^ popularity 
of James Bond movies. 

The 1997 season premiere 
episode of "ER" is broadcast 
live and draws 42.7 million 
viewers for NBC, including 
those who watch it on a 
giant screen in Times Square. 



Chumbawamba's hit single 
"Tubtliumping" brings long-awaited 
success to this British band. 
The song becomes popular at 
pro sports events, kicking off 
games for several teams. 

Rap artist the Notorious B.i.G. is killed in a 
March 1997 drive-by shooting in Los Angeles. 
He is posthumously awarded MTVs 1997 Best Rap 
Video Award for "Hypnotize" and is nameASpin 
magazine's Artist of the Year. 

Fiona Apple, 20, one of rock's 
female superstars, is named 
MTVs Best New Artist m a Video. 
Her single "Criminal" soars to 
the top of the charts. 

Jay Blakesberg. Retna 

Lilith Fair, an all-female summer rock 
concert, draws large crowds on its 
37-stop tour. Canadian singer-songwriter 
Sarah McLachlan masterminds the festival 
and releases a hit a\bum, Surfacing. 

) Country music superstar 
Garth Brooks releases &«en5, 
his first album in two years. 
The album sells 800,000 copies 
the first week. 

Walk This Way: The Autobiography 
ofAerosmith chronicles the long 
career of the band notorious for its 
excesses in the '70s and '80s. The 
group's new album Nine Lives is 
nominated for a 1998 Grammy . 

gmmer Bill Beny leaves R.LM. 
after 17 years with the popular 
rock group. R.LM. plans to 
conta'nue as a trio. 

Kenny G. enters the Gmnness Book 
of MMtf Reconfe for holdmg the 
longest musical note — 45 minutes, 
47 seconds — on his saxophone. 

,.J^, Smash Mouth popularizes a genre 
of alternative rock known as neo-ska 
with its hit single "Walkin' on the Sun' 
and debut album Push Yu Mang. 


Ron Davis, Shooting Star 

©Tim Mosenfelcier, Corbis 

British pop phenomenon, 
the Spice Girls, makes 
millions with mega-hits 
such as "Wannabe" and sells 
14 million albums and 
10 million singles. 

^ Adam Yauch of the Beastie Boys engineers the second Tibetan 
Freedom Concert, held in June in New York, offering 27 music acts 
and a free-Tibet political message. 

Third Eye Blind, after several 
years in San Francisco's 
underground music scene, 
goes big time in 1997. Their 
song "Semi-Charmed Life" is 
listed as the top-selling 
modern rock single for 1997 
in Billboard magazine. 

^^ The album* Way Out by Puff 
~ Daddy & the Family goes 
multiplatinum, Puffy's single 
"I'll Be Missing You," an elegy 
to his friend the Notorious B.I.G., 
also tops the charts. 

©sieve Jennings, Corbis 

Sb(teen-year-old R&B 
phenora Jonny Lang 
opens for the Rolling 
Stones' fall tour and 
spends 16 weeks at 
No. 1 on Billboard's 
blues chart with his 
album Lie to Me. 

Kenneth "Babyface" Edmonds, superstar 
producer songwriter singer, receives more 1998 
Grammy nominations than any other artist, including 
one for his album The Day. Edmonds and wife 
Tracey also produce the IWm Soul Food in 1997. 

MetaRica releases a seventh album, 
Re-Load, that confiims its position 
as the premier heavy-metal Innd in 
the music worid. 

Radnhead Is Spin magazine's Band 
of the Year. Critics praise 
Radlohead's album OK Computer, 
variously described as hauntii^ 
revolting, Inscnitable, stunning 
and gorgeous. The album recenes 
a 1998 Grammy nomination fg 
Rock/Pop Album of the Year. 

At 15, countPi' music sensation 
LeAnn Rimes sells more than 12.5 
million recordings in the U.S. in 
1997 and is named Billboard Music 
Awards Artist of the Year. Her single 
"How Do I Live" is one of the year's 
best sellers. 


In July, 16-year-old Swiss tennis star 
Martina Hingis becomes the youngest 
Wimbledon champion since 1887. 
Hingis wins three of the four 1997 
Grand Slam events. 

Quarterback John Elway leads 
the Denver Broncos to a 31-24 
victoiy over the Green Bay 
Packers in Super Bowl XXXll in 
San Diego, January 25, 1998. It is 
Elway's first Super Bowl win in 
four appearances. 

The Florida Marlins are baseball's 1997 World Series 
champs and the first team ever to win the Series 
without winning its league pennant. The Marlins 
defeat the Cleveland Indians in seven games. 

\fm<lp World 

k Tiger Woods, 21, becomes 
the youngest golfer ever to 
win the Masters Tournament. 
His 18-under-par score sets 
a Masters record. Woods 
wins 3 other tournaments 
and sets a PGA Tour earnings 
record of $2.1 million for 
the season. 

Mike Tyson bites off part of Evander 
Holyfield's ear and is disqualified in 
the WBA Heavyweight rematch in June 
1997. T^'son is fined nearly $3 million 
and his boxing license is revoked. 


Pittsburgh Penguins' Mario 
Lemieux retires in April 1997 after 
a spectacular comeback from 
Hodgkin's disease and injury. 
Lemieux is elected to the Hockey 
Hall of Fame in September. 

In April 1997, the premier issue of 
Sports Illustrated Women hits 
the newsstands. The magazine 
refiects the explosive grovrth of 
female participation in sports. 

Swedish golfing phenomenon 
Annika Sorenstam, 26, tops the 
LPGA earnings list in 1997 with a 
record $1,236,789. 

Professional sports salaries keep 
skyrocketing. One of the most 
publicized of 1997 is Kevin 
Gametfs $126 millmn contract to 
play basketball for the Mhinesota 

Charles Woodson, Michigan's versatile 
junior cornerback, becomes the first 
primarily defensive player to win the 
Heisman Trophy awarded in December. 



[ Jones, Allsport 

Jeff Gordon, at 26, wins the 
1997 NASCAR Winston Cup, tiis 
second Winston Cup point title 
in three years. Gordon's 1997 
points tota 

Scott Cunningham, NBJVAllsport 

Nagano, Japan, hosts the 1998 
Winter Olympic Games during 
February. Three new medal 
sports make their Olympic debut: 
curling, snowboarding and 
women's ice hockey. 

The Chicago Bulls 
beat the Utah Jazz 
in June 1997 for 
their fifth NBA 
championship in 
seven years. Michael 
Jordan is chosen 
Finals MVP a record 
fifth time. 

When the college football 
season ends, two teams 
share the national 
championship. Michigan (12-0) 
is named No. I by the sports 
writers' poll, and Nebraska 
(13-0) by the coaches' poll. 

©Doug Densinger, Allsport 

Detroit Red Wings captain 
Steve Yzerman powers his 
team to the 1997 Stanley 
Cup championship, its first 
in 42 years, by sweeping 
the Philadelphia Flyers in 
four games. 

Reuters/Archive Photos 


In its debut season, the 
WNBA exceeds all league 
expectations for success. 
The Houston Comets' 
championship win 
over the New ^^ 
York Liberty caps ^Ji 
the 1997 season. 


Wbmen officiate in an all-niale 
professional sports league for 
the first time. Hie pioneers, 
Dee Kanter and Violet Palmer, 
are referees in ttie NBA. 

Marif McGwire, of ttie SL Louis 
Cardinals, slams 52 liomers in 
1996 and 58 in 1997. McGwire 
becomes only the second player in 
baseball histoiy with back-to-back, 
50-honie-nin seasons, the other 
being Babe Ruth. 

Dean Smith, winningest coach In 
college basketball history, retires in 
October after 36 seasons at North 
Carolina. Sports Illustrated names 
him 1997 Sportsman of the Year 

Shooting Star 

Miss Illinois, Katherine Shindle, is 
crownedMiss America 1998. For the 
first time in its 77-year history the 
pageant allows contestants to wear 
two-piece swimsuits in competition. 

Beloved actor Jimmy Stewart dies in July at f 
Stewart's enduring nice-guy popularity is 
exemplified by /fir a Wonderful Life, his 1946 
movie that is now an American cultural icon. 

Chelsea Clinton begins her 
freshman year at Stanford 
University in Palo Alto, California. 
Despite security measures, she 
reportedly will lead as normal a 
college life as possible. 

For the first time, a computer 
beats a world chess champion 
when IBM's Deep Blue beats 
Russian Garry Kasparov in a 
six-game match in May 1997. 

J.T. MacMillan, San Ditno Union-Tribune 

I Roman Catholic nun Mother Teresa of Calcutta 
dies September 5 at the age of 87. Revered 
for a lifetime of helping the poorest of the 
poor, her many honors include the 1979 Nobel 
Peace Prize. 

Reuters/Archive Photos 

American Jody Williams and the 
International Campaign to Ban Land 
Mines are awarded the 1997 Nobel 
Peace Prize in October. The U.S. and 
China refuse to sign an international 
treaty that would ban land mines. 

Ted Turner, vice chairman of the 
Time Warner media empire, pledges 
$1 billion to United Nations programs. 
It is the largest single gift in 
philanthropic history. 


Former leader of the Soviet I 
MiMiail Goriiacliev fibns a TV 
commereial for Pica Hut He 
reportedly earns $1 mlflon for 
the appearance, money he plans 
to use to benefit his Gortiachev 

Singer John Denver dies in October 
at 53 when the experimental 
plane he is pilotii^ crashes into 
ilifomia's Monterey Bay. 

Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York, 
appears in ads as a spokesperson 
for Weight Watchers International. 
She is the former wife of England's 
Prince Andrew.